9158 behind still standing too much by the A share market A denied nternet cannon fodder


When the 9158

has also become a Hong Kong listed companies, do not know how many people to the Internet China sadly sigh. Yes, even this is called "three line city Jianghu kill Matt exclusive beauty show the company can Wuji become the Phoenix, may be countless more high-quality Internet enterprises has always been shut out of the mainland capital market, really annoying.

in fact, countless investors have long been unable to tucao. And don’t say like BAT giants are choosing the overseas market, is to open any software stocks, A shares on the market under the Internet industry listed companies are less than 20. According to CNNIC released "2014 thirty-third China Internet development statistics report", as of December 2013, the scale of Chinese users reached 618 million, Internet penetration rate of 45.8%, China has become the world’s leading Internet giants. Two phase comparison, no wonder there are critics who said: overseas capital market in the whole human China delay the speed of development of the internet.

does not negate the role of the threshold. Supervision of the listing of various enterprises, the starting point is in order to protect the interests of investors, and create a harmonious and stable market atmosphere. But, since entering the new century the pace of development of human science and technology beyond imagination, and based on the business model changes brought by the Internet technology is a thousand li a day. The restriction policies of the mainland capital market have indeed become a constraint for the excellent enterprises, especially the Internet enterprises, to seek greater development. For example, has been coveted gem storm long, is said to have many years of hard work plan for a long time, but also on his long road.

, the so-called "good at home, thousands of days", if the mainland capital market is tolerant enough, why Internet companies to go abroad? In fact, the capital market itself for high-quality local Internet companies also have unlimited thirst. And do not say but near the BAT concept A shares the company’s share price will soar in the short term, is a listed company who cannot catch the line with the giants, also don’t stop looking at the intersection with local Internet companies, enrich its connotation of capital. A recent story is the transformation of food first unit xiangeqing Nora and out of the scandal, said xiangeqing has begun to separate from our offer and project personnel, vowing to continue the unfinished work in the new situation. Even in captivity can be fast so popular, not to mention those more reliable, more broad prospects of pattern quality Internet companies


of course, maybe we can also count on the new third board market. There is also a large number of local Internet companies landing. After rough statistics, in the new three board listed companies, 195 enterprises are divided into software and information technology services, both in the industry has emerged, but also entrepreneurs are still unknown. But personally, the most gratifying change is that "the only profit theory" has finally been breached here. For example, the search network.

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