The way out for free resource class websites

station has a free resource for almost two years. Although it starts late. Less than other big names. The flow is not very good, finally reduced to one thousand day change radically. The flow rate of IP. It is quite stable. With the increasing flow of free resources. The station has was divided almost to the top. May have.

on.GG unit low income people cry because are some of the low price of the website. The matching keywords not much. But can do some promotion. For example some free promotion. Chanet provides this effect actually still there. There is a monthly advertising. Like many IDC website, launched a free space. We find these free resources station advertising. I also compare love such monthly advertising. At least are the first payment of income security..


unlike some hard alliance at the end of the day, a number of K, the income they did not flow. I don’t know how to do, we like these free resources, in fact mainly rely on the search to the key words. It is some free space, free what.. my free space station in Baidu in second and the old and third pages. This flow is really big gap. Users have to click on the fatigue degree, I have a second page limit. Free resource stereotyped contents, so that the search is not love.. only pseudo original. Where do the original. It is difficult to rely on some friends to contribute. The editor as well. As the original content of.

then in the future. Our original, will fly in the network. With free resource websites. It is not easy to do. But I still insist on down. I always believe that. There will be a group of the station down. There will also be a batch of new. The relative. The old station, there will be little advantage. Keep it up. Our free resources Station.. million free network starting

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