P traffic really give you flow into the money

maybe you brothers see this title after head fog, increasing IP flow of this world full of stationmaster people the idea of trying, but you ask such silly questions, but I would like to ask you how many people earn money from IP and traffic? How many earn? You may see my previous article I already know is 05 years into the world of the Internet, the 05 year I have applied for the GG, Baidu Alliance (now there is no opening promotion authority), Ali mother line, I would have applied, this is the Internet hot talk of the so-called Wangzhuan, three years, GG accounts for only $more than 20, Baidu 0, Ali mother 0. This is my three year higher total income, I believe the majority of grassroots webmaster and I still need to be roughly the same income, the so-called IP and traffic day and night fighting? Don’t forget that they will put a lot of money thrown to you, unless your site has strong visibility on the Internet, how many China site? How many webmaster Chinese? This is probably an astronomical figure, and you, and I, in this astronomical number of rows to the first few? GG is not a fool, Baidu and Ali is not a fool, poor IP, poor flow, insufficient to attract their attention to earn money in this respect, it is a fond dream, also not steadfast to your local market, combining online and offline, of course, if there is a capital injection that would be a different matter.


I’m not Ma Yun, not Ding Lei, Robin Li and company, so we can only do down-to-earth, maybe one day, the Internet world is your world, but there is one point, you must have enough capital, capital accumulation is not to rely on the accumulation, Wangzhuan, eventually you need to move towards the society, into the go to the market.

my point of view, to do their own work, for the local market, do not imagine every day tens of thousands of traffic flow, what SEO, what alliance, has nothing to do with you I this grass, a website received orders, thousands of yuan of income, the late poor IP increased traffic brought by poor people fee every day than to the more affordable. My station, www.duigu.net www.duigu.com did not dare to say than the professional make flow people earn more, but compared to what I call Wangzhuan income much more.

SEO, IP, flow to the grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan, what brought what? I know I only bring often stay up late, health overdraft…

, my webmaster brothers, you said yes? Welcome to the discussion.

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