UFO website operation experience

often on: China webmaster network, outdated forums, Admin5 and other websites, see a lot of personal Adsense experience, here also write some of their own ideas.

is a network industry started in 1998 of the year, many people began to put in the time, over the past 10 years, some people succeed, someone lonely, adhere to is important, but not blindly adhere to the two words, we will be able to achieve success, some people are just in the wrong way to adhere to adhere to, no matter how long is the same no future. Look at a lot of successful people, some people starting point is not high, do not understand the technology, from HTML a little learning, and some people may have strong technical strength, but also can not do.

web site can not be too utilitarian, the profit target is right, but only the money but to their own pain, not to let go, starting from the first meet the interest, to consider the influence of profit, many goal too high, a few months to do a number of IP, to achieve profitability, for a few months. Not reach the goal, it affected, began to doubt, this is not desirable, you can look back on their strategy is not right, right to wrong, but can not give up.

I also saw a lot of short term SEO, just start to feel these things are very important, then slowly found that SEO is the means, not the essence of the essence of the website or the content, location, operation mode, SEO is the icing on the cake of things, do not how practical to do good content, not every day staring at SEO see.

is another feeling, website and other industries, to concentrate on, many people are easily distracted habit, always can not concentrate in a certain period of time to do one thing, to do more than one thing at the same time, the surface seems to be more efficient, but on the contrary, he said updated daily an article blog, seemingly simple? Do you not, seriously write a thousand words more blog that is hard, one day to stay an hour is enough, but can always be all sorts of other things to occupy time. In fact, it is not only important to do something important, but also to do anything to develop such a habit.

many owners spend a lot of time to pick the website structure, buried in some technical details, in fact, these are not the most critical, laggards Forum Forum structure has not changed, the BBS is unchanged for decades, from the interface, seem outdated, but the content is "real money", I sometimes look back, think built with a so-called advanced Blog platform blog, sometimes rather than the most simple and original static HTML pages, HTML pages access faster, easy backup, easy to update and management:), this is just an example, hope to guide the webmaster can think deeply, what is the site of the in essence, how to seize the main thing.

Idea is important? The answer is yes, but Idea is not a panacea, not a website, can do so successfully, "

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