A 16 year old British teenager earning about 1 million 50 thousand RMB a yearB end or C side listed


travel related favorable policies and behavioral norms have been introduced, prompting domestic tourism market scale is growing, from the policy level, for the entire tourism industry to provide opportunities and space for cooperation with schools.

Grubin 12 years old when he opened his first website to provide free download wallpapers and screensavers to mobile phone service to young people, while other similar sites to download service charges.

two years ago, Grubin opened ForFree4U.co.uk website. On this site, if visitors invite their friends to register as members, a certain number will be given free of charge, such as an apple iPod, a music player or a digital camera. At present, the site has more than 55 thousand registered members, giving a total value of about 25 thousand pounds about 50 thousand U.S. dollars gifts.

industry reports pointed out that the market pattern has not yet formed, and the annual compound growth rate is high, and study abroad has become an attractive part of the crowded study abroad industry chain. Blue whale education observed that in recent years, traditional travel agencies, study abroad agencies and emerging start-ups have joined the travel market.

every time near the holidays, travel market began to become particularly hot. Now the parents pay more attention to international education, more and more students prefer Chinese according to their individual needs to go abroad, to participate in short-term summer / winter camp or overseas study ways to diversify the country.

on the demand side of the market, according to Zhejiang securities issued in 2016 industry report shows that international travel crowd and the study population to a high degree of coincidence, 67.8% of the study population study intention to apply, 15.5% of people are applying for study abroad. New Oriental issued the "2017 Chinese study white paper" also shows that the study crowd into the driving force of the study abroad market. From this point of view, study abroad is the industry chain of middle-aged compound growth rate of the highest link.

ForFree4U.co.uk website lists a variety of exciting electronic products, as well as the need to introduce how many friends, become members, you can get these gifts free of charge. The "how to operate" column says: "every time a member completes a transaction, the advertiser pays a commission on the site. We use the money to buy the gift for you."." The site has attracted many advertisers, where DVD, lovefilm, and the gambling game site, Gala, advertise.

Grubin’s success stems from a known as "the marketing mode of affiliate marketing". This model is based on the Internet. The website attracts people to register as members and provides relevant product advertisements to members. Advertisers pay commission to the owner of the website according to the number of members or the purchase of the products.

favorable policies and market demand, study tours market ushered in the spring,

recently, the New Oriental gradually released "2017" and "2017 international travel book China international white paper", directed at the "good" travel market dividend; century Matilda to study for the main business of the new board is also concerned about the development and study of new products.

register for gift

education observed, travel agencies to travel on behalf of EF, Robin, Ctrip, UTS and other travel agencies have launched recently, and the promotion of travel products. According to the insiders, the study has become a rigid investment in education for parents. International tourism has become the third educational force outside family education and school education.

is the use of Grubin money at home, "affiliate marketing" mode, that is to open the site, to attract members, introduce the members to buy the products, finally get advertisers commission.

Grubin said: "advertisers soon realized the potential of the web," affiliate marketing "is very successful."

, the British "Daily Telegraph" reported on January 6th, the British Gus Grubin who lives in Newcastle City, Fuchs District, school at the Royal grammar school.

at the same time, international schools, travel agencies and training institutions have begun to open courses in international studies. On the other hand, in view of the current matching degree at the American university students increasingly valued students and school, summer course experience has become the important reference of the enrollment, so the study has become an important way to enhance the competitiveness of students China application.

Grubin also operates the livenewcastle.co.uk website, to provide some information about Newcastle City, comments and directory list.


        yesterday in the newspaper to see a 16 year old boy, with a year to earn about 1 million 50 thousand RMB news, so I have to admire this little webmaster

age when most people are still on the weekend of hard work and earn a little pocket money, a 16 year old British entrepreneur Jonathan · Grubin had passed him the 3 sites dug the first pot of gold, only last year earned 75 thousand pounds $150 thousand.

has an institutional forecast that in the next ten years, the market size of the domestic and foreign travel market will amount to 145 billion yuan. The existing pattern of study tours, both New Oriental, Eic, such as language training and other educational resources of the background of the study tour company, there are century Ming, Germany and other large travel companies, there are study tours, knowledge birds study tours such Entrepreneurship

then, how hot is the travel market? What aspects of the market has been "competing for food"?


success mode

. That’s what the newspaper says:

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