More than 90% of the joint office space will eventually collapse Do real estate do service do inc

then we see the page, the page design is very good, definitely not rough disorderly made, above a join Hugo step below Hugo star, and some other things, these things you might not feel what these things are actually in your subconscious, let you think this site is invisible normal station, is a new industry, as such, he like Witkey, the concept once touched you, then, you may believe the more


there are other reasons why space operators themselves cannot rely on these services to build barriers to core competition. The reason is simple, there are enterprise service capabilities are B2B Enterprises

first, a lot of joint office space on the bus with a policy bonus, but this obviously can not last too long. National level, in order to implement the "mass entrepreneurship, multi innovation" policy itself is not wrong, activate entrepreneurial vitality and atmosphere, give space support accordingly, which is in itself good. The key is that a lot of space because of policy bonuses and rely on, the space itself does not form a system of competitiveness, policy tuyere once tightened, part of the space can survive, worth deep thinking.

and you see the link below, wow, China Mobile, China Unicom and other Chinese links a series of the company, so the more you sure you found a chance to make money, you begin to register, Congratulations, you have already started to


first I tell you is that this is a fraud, scams Bureau, below I detailed analysis of this scam is how to construct the.

there is no doubt that the average person can not see this trick, cheated is normal, I just started almost cheated, I believe that the advertising of the project can make money, play it for a period of time, basically can continue to earn promotion, not to mention on sh419, so I good analysis, see links to jump, then found, tricky! My analysis, fraud is very simple, all use of social engineering, not what the relationship and previous phishing sites, cheat is those who want to make money, but also what people do not understand the

many players into the joint office of the Nuggets, inevitably lead to a "false prosperity" phenomenon. The real outbreak of the joint office space industry in China has been greatly affected by the domestic entrepreneurial environment, and thousands of spaces have sprung up. Returning to any industry, such replication rates are very rare.

of course, industry hot attract Mao Daqing resignation of the founder of Hugo workshop, Pan Shiyi also actively launched SOHO 3Q transformation, there are many investment institutions with the RMB voted optimistic about the industry.

Another product of the

you click join Hugo, allowing you to input information, mobile phone number, you have some doubts, but also can understand, after all, is about money, so you enter, then the mobile phone to receive text messages, let you reply to confirm that you reply to confirm the result, behoove, money cheated on your mobile phone take, you found out that you cheated.

! !

SP this is the temptation in the past, it is tempting to see adult programs, when network tricks rampage, it would not work, SP just come to an end, and some people just at the thought of how to make money? sh419 keyword index tell us "Wangzhuan" is a popular phrase, so their master start in this above, constructed the exquisite trick using psychology

why 90% joint office space will be closed down, mostly because of the error in the direction, can be analyzed from several aspects:

second, in the short term can not get real benefits from entrepreneurs, relying on services to make money, is a false proposition. A lot of space in order to attract entrepreneurs settled at boduantui, to integrate a variety of business services, make business easier, eliminating all kinds of cumbersome procedures, is a good thing for entrepreneurs, but at this stage of trying to service to cash may be a false proposition, the reason is that most of the enterprises are settled in space early in the project startups, itself is not mature, the lack of effective communication channels, money is tight, a little careless, you may instantly sudden death, in this way, the service realizable space is further compressed.


when we enter this website, there is a button, prompted us to the station yesterday’s money has been paid, here, he will bring you the feeling that my site is on the node alliance, to ensure credibility

combines office space is a commonplace topic. The difference is, entrepreneurial boom gradually cooling, all sectors of society are rethinking the entrepreneurial market environment, far less than the year so hot, even there are many entrepreneurs in the doldrums, the downturn in the market environment, on a lot of pits, pay a lot of tuition, helpless, finally ended in defeat.

related to entrepreneurship is joint office space. This species as a new operating format, once attracted a large number of entrepreneurs influx, when an industry influx of large numbers of players, will inevitably be a problem. As early as 5 years ago, thousands of war, in 2014 after the outbreak of O2O entrepreneurial boom, finally experienced a brutal baptism of the market is very hot nowadays, live again, back to the joint office industry, it seems difficult to predict the outcome.

, the sh419 search "Wangzhuan" image promotion is ranked first above me, the so-called Hugo Wangzhuan, so what does Wangzhuan is who? Then let me decrypt.

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