Referly a new social marketing platform can make money by sharing goodsThe lure of the wind today

solution: This is a serious problem. We should know that these host services generally support the unconditional refund within 30 days, yes, if you don’t have too much trouble, the purchase of investment can choose monthly investment, once K, then buy a new customer and will transfer the past. The original K dropped space, refund, refund, no refund will be thrown away. In fact, this risk is not the solution too good, can only say the maximum possible loss.

by the YC business incubator cultivation of U.S. start-up companies Referly found the business opportunities, creating a social marketing platform, users in this platform can recommend some high quality and inexpensive goods to share on social networking sites. In addition, users can easily make a little money on the site simply by sharing the goods through simple operations. This site is not just a marketing advertising website, it focuses on allowing users to learn a lot of high-quality online commodity information through this social platform. Let’s take a look at the specific process of using Referly:

the answer is simple, build personal brand and good reputation, reputation.

solution: This is actually very simple, change IP can. These old host service providers are generally free to exchange IP, but there are not supported, so before buying investment must see clearly. For non free change IP, we still do not choose, after all, to do the temptation of space IP is GFW very frequent.

online shopping has become a big upsurge in the current era, each seller outlets as much as possible so that their products appear in every corner of the internet. From the shopping website sidebar to web pop ads, even now micro-blog, and other social networking sites also appeared special shopping ads on the social networking site users, they send a large number of various types of commercial advertising, not only failed to achieve the positive effects of advertising, but to receive advertising users disgruntled.

risk two, due to the presence of A content, the space has been dropped by the host service provider K.

then we can look at the information and then know some of the older American hosting providers like Godaddy, LunarPages, HostMonster, and so on. They provide the mainframe is generally large capacity flow, can be assigned multiple FTP accounts, and generally can be free to change IP. So we can find a way to make a profit. Buy a whole space and then divide and sell it by distributing multiple FTP. Of course, when we want to support monthly sales.


I bird @ Lao Tai himself, from March began to use this method to sell American space, invest more than 100 RMB per month, the situation is good, can earn pure profit, 400+, the situation is poor, also 200+. Although this is not a lot of money, but in stability. If your quality is good and the service space, so I think most people will always renew. Of course, I’m just selling on a small scale and not expanding much. If you’re energetic, use

of course, we all know that the competition is most intense. We can go to Taobao and other places to see, use this method to sell foreign space is not a small number of people, then how can we stand out in such a fierce competition,

and colleagues to do Wangzhuan temptation, then obviously not foreign space, if you don’t know why? Please use sh419 Search.

currently has tens of thousands of Referly franchisees, mostly industry giants like apple, Amazon and best buy. Therefore, to ensure the quality of the user level Referly recommendation, will recommend some small shopping site, low inferior products, and Referly also ensure commodity information provided by 100% objectively true, not exaggerated product appearance or utility, so consumers can buy bold Referly users recommended products.

risk one, space IP is GFW.

users need to register on the Referly website through Referly to the shopping site, and then click on the button in the "recommended" love on the goods, the user will receive a link to the code, and to share the Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites. Users can also choose to share the recommended items on social networking sites, such as "children’s Day gifts", "emergency necessities", "daily necessities" and so on. If someone has successfully purchased the product by sharing the link, the recommended user will receive the corresponding cash reward provided by Referly, usually within 1% to 10% of the commodity price.

as everyone knows, now Wangzhuan industry temptation in vogue, SP, CPS, CPA, the temptation to emerge in an endless stream. So, to enrich our pockets for this event,

of course, the space provided by these old hosting providers is not allowed to A content, and because of the existence of GFW, there is a considerable risk.

recently, Referly has raised $1 million seed money. Investors include New, Enterprise, Associates, Ignition, Partners and other eleven investment companies. Danielle Morrill, President of Referly, said the money would be used to expand and improve back office services. At present, Referly has tens of thousands of registered users, an increase of 45% over the previous month. Morrill added: "successful financing is just a start, making money yourself."

?In fact, we can think of


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