shlf1314 Adsense article stand skills11 super B start up companies that change the world

1 Makerbot open source 3D printer

financing: from Union, Square, Ventures, Scott, Heiferman, Zach, Klein, Caterina, Fake, Joshua, Stylman, Peter, Hershberg, Chri>

Why is

founder: Bre Pettis

subversive: can the digital file into an object, if your child needs a toy, the toy can scan objects, print out, not only is the real "cloning machine printer". MakerBot has more potential, such as the day of the lock is broken, want to change a heart, don’t have to go to the store to purchase, directly print a good, also, you can print a lot of other kind of model, this is where the MakerBot of the subversive sense.

, New York

concept: print out any 3D model.

financing: $1 million financing from Foundry, Group, Bezos, Expeditions, True, Ventures, RRE, Ventures, and Sam Lessin.

address: New York

ha. I’m in a bit of a mood lately. But the only joy is to share with you the actual experience of shlf1314 , adsense. Today I’m going to talk about a  

site example! prerequisite for copyright free issues  

the core idea – advertising position and the actual click effect of this tutorial  

1, the article content based site.  

adsense is a very useful site.  

for today is to learn content and advertising content between home is two classes, a giant ad box with the contents of cohesion, creativity really  

member judge cheating, why?? For a webmaster, the general promotion of their web site is to write their own web site of the home page. But for  



in Figure 2, the color I used to show you the Department he convergence of content and advertising, ha ha, most people don’t see it, unless the station is  

can distinguish. Ha, that’s what I’m going to talk about today. It’s also the focus of the optimization. Let’s have a good study.  



Figure 3, figure 4, is the content page, with figure 2 almost.

5, the final page, the contents of a very simple, this form generally adopted, for this page I suggest that there should be a   innovation;

, outstanding advertising, so the effect should be better. For example, the advertising box should have colors, and the advertising background should be a little more colorful. First, from the &nb8 search

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

                Jobs has a famous saying "to live is to change the world", which is how many entrepreneurs dream, however, seems a booming Internet industry, innumerable startups, really innovative but few, here is the Business Insider of six years, had a disruptive influence entrepreneurial company inventory of different sectors of the world, they change the education, medical, printing, music, financing and other industries, with open source 3D printer Makerbot, a first light field camera Lytro, a credit card terminator Dwolla, ultrasonic uBeam charger etc..


2 all chips platform Kickstarter

subvert the industry: financing and retail

founder: Perry Chen

concept: anyone, if there is a good idea, can not put Kickstarter platform, we participate in financing

subvert the industry: printing and manufacturing

address: Broolyn

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