What entrepreneurial survival in the capital in winter

introduction: the U.S. group and the public comment with the news that this merger is undoubtedly crazy in line with the current logic of capital — in the winter, even if the industry bosses have also evolved.

on the last day of the National Day holiday, the U.S. group and the public comment merger.

although the two companies second days to confirm the news, but the news is no doubt that this crazy merger is in line with the current logic of capital — in the winter, even if the industry bosses have also evolved.

had the wind howling in the capital market, it is becoming increasingly apparent coolness. Change around the entrepreneurs find difficult to obtain financing, even if ultimately to the negotiating table, the valuation is greatly reduced. In the previous boom to invest large sums of money institutions, then become cautious and prudent, their focus is to pay close attention to the investment in the portfolio of the enterprise, to do a good job rescue ready.

overall economic slowdown in the background, the two market from the cattle to bear this winter is the direct push hand, while the IPO pause in the U.S. stock market and the stock market suffered a setback is expected to hit the exit. Market capitalization of listed companies have become the LP of the money, and fund-raising agencies who are not hard to cover up the bag.

from the beginning of 2014 with a large number of entrepreneurial wave bubble, it is bound to gradually collapse in the capital of the moment.

over the past few months, a variety of versions of the start-up company death list spread everywhere. Strange thing is that some dead, people thought it was still alive; some projects alive, but people think it is dead — such as the Hangzhou wall frog technology, the main business is the wallpaper decoration Home Furnishing zestfully recruit people, one will find that they have been turned impressively in the list, "was killed".

on a state of extreme nervousness.. This circle had a lively and busy, luoguxuantian; but once the music is no longer, and it is an exit, quiet. If a project too long without marketing or market movements, it is easy to operate is a suspected problem; once the news of layoffs or pay cuts, the capital chain breaking rumors began to spread. To this end, advertising is often shouldering heavy responsibilities: not only to promote themselves, but also to the user, capital, competitors to prove themselves.


in a close call on the battlefield, with tombstone. Later researchers view these epitaph with awe, pray later don’t appear here. Good projects are still standing, the strong stronger, cold winter, natural selection is more crisp, all institutions have said in an interview, will still vote quality projects.

just, for entrepreneurs, how to become such a good project, and then survive?

coldest O2O

what project is easy to die, investors tend to look directly.

"for entrepreneurs who want to open up a new battlefield, we would like to give two pertinent suggestions

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