For Entrepreneurs the YC training camp teaches me six thingsReducing the display unit does not incre

contradicts third points, income is the second most important thing. You can invent the best thing out of the world, but if you can’t make a profit from it, it’s going to be difficult. You need an investor.

in addition to your team, the user is your most valuable asset. AlexisOhanian simply explains in MakeSomethingPeopleLove: "respect your customers, love your customers, compliment your customers, do everything you can for your clients."

4. revenue

3. motivation

editor’s note: This is the experience of an entrepreneur who took part in the YC training camp. From here, we can see Americans’ values of entrepreneurship, and they can also make some reference for Chinese entrepreneurs.


has few start-ups that have soared to the top. Its founders think it first to take them first. It takes years of work and sacrifice to invent something that people might like. But if you don’t concentrate on it, you will experience the consequences of failure. Many start-ups were destroyed at the moment the founders gave up. If you don’t insist on doing it, then you just put yourself in a place where there is no use for pain.

2. learns to hold on to

if people start start-ups just think they’re attractive and can quickly become rich and successful, then your outlook will be bleak. Interest is a secondary factor, and demand is the key.

it turns out I’m right. This summer was the most tiring and strenuous summer of my life, but it was also worth a summer. I learned something that I thought I knew but didn’t really understand until now.

, you have more contact with your team than anyone else, so choose your partner carefully. YC encourages you to work with your team in an apartment during startup. This means that some people who have never met should work together in a small room for at least twelve hours a day. For the first few weeks I thought it was a stupid arrangement. Then I realized that maybe it was a goal. Starting a business is very difficult, and such a tense environment creates a positive atmosphere for everyone to work efficiently. Road is a person come out, and now everyone in the moment to meet all kinds of challenges.

In addition to the exception of Instagram,

5. user


1., your team is your most important decision and condition

now popular argument is, to reduce the display unit to increase the unit price, thereby increasing income. But I personally think: reduce and increase income cannot display unit

1, that the reduction of the display unit can increase the price is right

2, however, reduce the display unit does not improve ECPM, can not increase the income

A: a web page two ad unit a and B

Two: remove the ad unit B, only a

but here we assume that the two case of ad a format, location, color and so on are the same, and before the B appear in the web advertising

for a, a visitor to the site, there are two possible

In the case of

because we assumed above two case position a ad units are the same, so, for one and two, appeared 1 is equal to the probability

two relative to the situation, in which 1 outside the same possibility, but also more of a 2.1

for the same page display, the greater the likelihood of return, the total ECPM was higher

the following hypothesis 1000 clicks, compared to two cases please note: we assume here on the effect a ad unit in the two case the same 2 ad unit a, B 1 a a 10, click on the ad unit revenue 1, price 0.1, 1, 10 a click on the return price 0.1 B click 2, 0.1, 0.05 price earnings income: 1.1 income: 1 epcm:1.1 0.0917 epcm:1 price: Price: 0.1

the worst thing I can think of about joining YC is that this venture will fail, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. At least I learned a lot about people and things from here.

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