Commemorate the last 18 months of the initial venture the essential qualities of entrepreneurship

editor’s note: the author Sha Zi, "first author iOS the application of reverse engineering technology", to partner entrepreneurship for 18 months. This series of articles is a combination of his own in the whole process of the people, things, objects of deep thinking, the first business analysis and summary. This article is a series of articles from the iOS reverse engineering forum.

entrepreneurship at the beginning, I have my own position is: entrepreneurship, since it is necessary to create a career, the early certainly is to contribute as much as possible, rather than demanding. Initial business, no experience, so we must continue to learn, improve themselves, keep up with the pace of entrepreneurship.

in the first 6 months of entrepreneurship, I think I want to learn something, mainly to find out some of the common success of entrepreneurship, as a reference standard. During this time I spent my spare time in reading the relevant information on Entrepreneurship:

read the known published "do poineering work, we in the know about what?";

added some entrepreneurs WeChat, see the circle of friends of the business and the various interviews;

read 36kr, I dark horse, tiger sniffing, most of the articles on the state of entrepreneurship;

read Peter Thiel "from zero to one".

half a year later, I thought after this period of intensive reading, he has quickly mastered the entrepreneurial theory knowledge, I think so, well, from 0 to 1 should be no problem. This is not the Internet fast!

at that time, our 1 products just on the line, the need to promote, and the company is in short supply, there is no funding, it requires us to take as much money as possible to do things.

actually do not spend money to promote, in the Internet sector is indeed a precedent, that we should have heard of the Growth Hack". The industry’s most commendable is Airbnb in the early stages of entrepreneurship in this way to get a large number of users from the Craigslist case.

so I wanted to search the Growth Hack information, I can not take the unusual way, access to a number of users to 1 products. Search, I accidentally saw a netizen said:

because I was just trying to find a ready-made solution, so I did not care about this passage. Unfortunately, after a few days of search, I did not find the 1 Hack ready to apply to the Growth program, but this sentence has come out of my mind from time to time.


never forget, there must be repercussions. I will find the words again and again, wondering why it left me such a deep impression. Then try to try to figure out the author want to express the meaning, I realized that their pattern is too small, and too impatient: for half a year, had a lot of read hastily and without thinking on Entrepreneurship

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