Ali mother crazy K station conspiracyThe first video forget a truth to be honest

powerful function: I’m too talented, adding conditions for most small Adsense on this money alliance by wanger. The first video forum also started a lot of discordant sounds: "I didn’t cheat!". Why did you cut it? Strange. I was 5000 before the flow can earn, how are now 2W, but instead of less,

Is the 2 peak of personality

we all know that Taobao is what, if you don’t know Taobao, there will be so many people there to buy things, let people know what is Taobao, the network advertisement, of course this is, if not the mom shameless website advertising content webmaster propaganda replaced Taobao ads, nor Taobao spring.

was busy with my class, and I got very angry when I remembered it.

Ali mother crazy K station purpose:


but when an unkind man is strong. Friends, nothing.


: when the first video just early development, so we need the small owners to support them and then join them politely, service attitude is very good, how to put what benefits, and even how much income of our small owners are very clear, with small owners are more and more, the first video the performance also began to gradually rise, like a wounded man, a man’s care, he will be very grateful. The reward that our stationmaster returns is the gain besides their income.



. Look at the first video now ad!

The website

what I call the medium term is to see the first video of the ALEXA ranking up gradually, and then follow this. The conditions for joining the league are slowly beginning to become more severe. I don’t object to that. Development。 Develop in. Money, my mother,

!I don’t say more than Taobao

: more and more people are beginning to focus on the once harmonious alliance… The discordant sounds are too loud. It’s time to change. More and more webmaster give up even to me, learn our lovely pony brother, I want to take back my own things! All give up, back to our webmaster’s precious dignity,

how do I wait for that Andy Lau and Chen Xi Xi’s face, like looking at the sex AD, how not to see, ha ha, anyway, are garbage, let the user go to the point, and then he does not point to your GGAD. Making money? Aren’t you using video league now? My dear stationmaster compatriots! This article from the network www.gexingfou feeds


two months, Ali group to our website for free to hang thousands of two months of advertising, do not give a penny, but they put these free ads are replaced with propaganda Amoy advertising, study two months after the Ali group was closed your account fee, they should be so shameless, shameless deprivation results, our webmaster hard work I’m afraid, this is the history of the Internet, Chinese biggest extortion case, Ali Mama, you have thousands of webmaster an innocent, Ma Ali group may be dead, I listen to the words of the roll. If Ali group could be so sinister, so ignorant of the conscience China webmaster results blackmail labor, before Ma Yun is not so ah, my heart is the entrepreneurial idol, today how they hinder the development of the Internet. China, this is your Ma Yun >

first video, forget a truth: to be honest,

Ali mother account was K, I didn’t cheat, he also K, Ma died? Taobao in order to promote their Tao, even contrary to their conscience, openly denied a large number of Internet Chinese most blood boiling, Ali mother into the community, we go to see how many people are there in your innocent innocence

recently made a guest, what is a shop, the shop is not there to sell advertising, but it is this time Taobao sh419 met ah, ha ha, good stuff, there is competition, it is good for us these grass-roots consumers will, but Taobao guilty, he blocked sh419 sh419 spider, afraid of his competition, shameless, you say that Taobao is not very shameless.

at this time, Ali group began in the most vulnerable groups China small webmaster, who, they are crazy about your K account, even if there is no cheating, he is also a group of a group of K, said what data anomalies, these few days, go to the Ali Community Statistics K account, a total of more than 10 thousand, the amount of up to 10 million yuan K, you are a common cause of abnormal data, this is, thousands of webmaster received the same letter automatically sent mail, this K your reasons, then you send an email to my innocence, not cheating, explain the reason, 8 seconds, 8 seconds the time to reply your mail sent to thousands of machines is the same Webmaster: I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will be two months on your website If the site inspection, your data is normal, will receive. Thanks again for your support to Ali’s mother,

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