Six ways to make money in the nternetCareer Academy CEO Wang Shigang visited risk investors

if someone says the sky can not fall pie, who believe, but for China Internet at present, but many people believe what can fall, because the Internet is now in the "free lunch" than is. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple pretty much ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free "Southern Tour" to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of various awards activities, in the final analysis, is nothing more than propaganda sites, attract attention, but all kinds of activities, whether it is the mode of operation or the effect of activities are very different. The author divides them into six categories, respectively.

one, grandstanding type

              Zhao said that the neglect of my friend, before I put China Career Academy network business plan and my name card and left him, he said that next week will get in touch with me, although only for 20 minutes. But I did on this very satisfied, fully expressed my meaning, and good recommendation of my project, I believe that as long as there is confidence, Chinese Career Academy network will find a suitable investor! Chinese Career Academy network will be more glorious tomorrow! Also summed up some experience of visiting risk investors experience, and I hope the Internet business friends to share:

"sound bites" that cause people’s attention, "drama" is a public uproar, which become the object of public favorite. This type of award activity is the largest and most easily copied of all activities, and also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, such as classover send apple, or to attract users to a large amount of prizes such as the eyes, Albemarle to cars, ChinaRen award house etc.. For Internet users, participating in such activities as long as there is enthusiasm, you do not need too much technology. Because of the simplicity and ease of operation of such activities, it is easier to attract Internet users. It is said that in the classover Apple delivery campaign, a student Internet users at most received a basket of apples. However, people who participate in such activities are generally registered for activities only, and it is not necessary to return to this website as soon as the event is over. Therefore, in addition to raising awareness and the number of registered users with water, the website hosting this type of activity will not be as good as the publicity. In particular, the second programmes, due to unfair competition factors, tend to fall into the air and attract complaints from Internet users. For example, the ChinaRen prize house activities once for violating the Anti Unfair Competition Law and the business sector has been ordered to stop, as it is create a great sensation of events, the organizers expected.

two, long line phishing

can not remember how many times this is the risk of investors visit, the visit is said to very occasionally, at noon when chatting with colleagues, he said he knew a boss, he was very rich, and a former teacher from Career Academy, he advised me to visit him, I’ll ask a colleague to to the owner of the phone, dialed the phone on the spot, the self introduction, the other had come out, he said he was busy this afternoon if time will be very short, or the day after tomorrow at about the time to go to him, I said that I still work today when he went to visit let him in, he said five, so I have five points in time to their company, security company said the province come, Zhao is in a meeting, so I was in the security department, Zhao total work, I soon and security. Several colleagues very happy, they told me a lot of veterans of the story, through their explanation, I to Zhao with the very good understanding of.

long term fishing, that is, long-term fishing for large fish, which is adopted by most of the forum. Websites hosting such campaigns tend to lure users to their websites for a bit of incremental benefits. This type of activity is the most commonly used to score the winner of the Internet users, such as investment in building the best in all the land through the jifenzhi to each post in the forums, netizens scoring, according to how many points will be divided into users, guests and patrons of VIP levels, and different levels of users can enjoy various services website. This method takes advantage of people’s psychological characteristics to attract Internet users to their websites for a long time

1, be sure to know the experience and background of the investor you visited

                  I ask them when Zhao came out, tell me that, because I have never seen him before, even photos are not seen, just listen to his colleagues that he a lot of companies, when I tarry till half past six, Zhao the total driving out, several security department security hurriedly told me Zhao out, I rushed out and Zhao waved, the car stopped, when the windshield of the car rolled down, I quickly and he recommended me, he said you just got here, I work, I said Zhao. I heard that the province come check, will not bother you, I have five points to, have been waiting for you, Zhao let me on his car, he asked me why he, I said that I recommended by colleagues, he said that my colleagues child good, asked me what school and when I When it comes to investment, he said their company money out, I did not pause, continue to recommend my website, because I know he is engaged in the occupation education, so I said Zhao really loves occupation education, his eyes bright, I will continue to recommend, he found my project very good, Zhao drive me home downstairs, because he still need to attend the evening party.

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