Entrepreneurial experience without the worst only worseA 80 mother’s milk Wangzhuan life

3, the price has advantages. She said their milk price is not the highest, it is not the lowest, but in Xiamen >

1, supply quality assurance, operation very attentively. She started from the shop has been in their own supply of goods, from the delivery of goods to the packaging of milk, to express delivery, the details are very good. Because she is also a mother, she is very good at communication with customers, but also to send customers some children’s socks, bottles and other gifts. The first customers from the shop soon introduced her to the second batch of third customers.


for all want to rely on their own ability to business people, is in crossing a mountain, in this journey you don’t know exactly how many seats to climb this mountain, we do not know exactly how high a mountain, they will not because the process of climbing and dead beat down fall down. You only have to climb to conquer every mountain, because when you climb every mountain, you are always in the fantasy of the mountain behind is a fairyland, a land of idyllic beauty, a dream you want to reach the place. But when you turn over the mountain, you find it is another mountain, but you have no choice but to go on climbing. At this point, you will wonder about your dreams. Are there any places in your dreams that you will begin to falter and should you continue to climb?. You will begin to give up the idea that if you give up, all this suffering will cease to exist, and you will be happier, more relaxed and more free. But in your heart, there is a voice that tells you, "do not give up, give up, you will have nothing, and you will never lift your head again.".

daily from her flashing Wangwang, and busy fill in the express list, you can see that the growth of such markets is very good. And this kind of customer is applicable all over the country, the most far from Tibet customers, but also has a lot of customers in the north.

in fact, every business will have different choices in the face of difficulties, and the mentality will be different. Some of them are brave, some are confused, and they are frustrated. No matter what their mood is, no matter what their choices are, this is the problem that entrepreneurs must face. Shopping malls are like battlefields. In a time of peace, business competition is as cruel as war. Survival of the fittest, the winner survive, and losers or smart away from the stage, or lose everything, then recover. The courage to acknowledge your failures is greater than the courage you need to start an undertaking. Because no one likes to fail, and no one is not eager to succeed. In addition to the ability, there is the problem of opportunity, everyone is different, too

as the saying goes: "Felicity never turns out in pairs., Disasters pile up on one another." It means that good things don’t happen again and again, and bad things happen to you all the time. I think this sentence is used to describe the start-up period is the most appropriate, when a person to entrepreneurship will not encounter what good things, unless you are a "two generation" behind a good foundation of resources, otherwise only slowly step by step forward. And on this road full of thorns, you’re a barefoot person. Every time you climb out, every step is accompanied by "what a painful insight", because no one in the business is not wrong, a decision of the failure is very useful, may lead to a serious loss. And the failure of many decisions means that you are going to fail, and that is the pressure and reality that an entrepreneur faces. When a person decides to choose a business, his imagination of the difficulties is definitely not enough. Only when he is in the business, he will really realize what is the difficulty.

recalled the shop life of the past few years, and she summed up a few points.

2, maternal and child market space is huge. Nowadays, parents attach great importance to their children’s health. Therefore, the choice of standardized products such as milk powder is very suitable for her.

recently visited by Xiamen Island, a 80 old friend. Now, many webmasters are doing what can make money to worry about the site, but I saw this friend’s shop in 3 years between the wind and water, and now has invited several employees busy RBI business. If you sit in her office and warehouse, you can hear the buzz sound can be heard without end Wangwang office. Although the present office is a little simpler, it can be imagined that she will have a better development next year and the year after next. After a small talk with my friend, I have the feeling to write this article, just to tell you that in fact, when you are a mother, you can still have a very good network career.

, who also worked in a foreign express company before, was like a lot of mom and Baby online shops, and after she took maternity leave she felt the room for work was small. So I quit my job and started an online shop. At first, the nature was also wandering, the competition was intense, and did not have the network to make money the experience. However, in the Xiamen City, there are a lot of people have relatives in a sea of the Taiwan, the friend just have relations in this area. As a result, her milk shop ideas began to do. Because her source of goods was sent by the relatives of Taiwan from Kinmen Island, with the help of small three links, many people started doing business in this area. Taiwan milk or Hongkong has some obvious advantages than the mainland, a product quality is relatively good, there are many sources such as Holland and Spain directly filling, the other one is Taiwan to encourage fertility, milk prices compared to the price of a competitive advantage. Thus, with the promotion of local life portals and other websites, her milk business opened up like this. The beginning is a tank, two tank to sell themselves to the milk packing, contact the courier, now as wholesale, a cause of their own so carried out.

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