How to do the URL standard

so, when we in the choice of the domain name or a level or two level directory to our website, we must in our custom URL to increase the keyword pinyin or directly using the keyword as the directory site

2: static URL

by studying a large number of our proof, when you are in the optimization of a very competitive keywords, URL contains the keyword pinyin or directly using the keywords (must be English keywords, such as: Shanghai dragon) as the domain name to a certain extent, our keyword ranking will have an advantage.

1:301 redirect

3:URL contains keywords

now with the search engine more intelligent, now the search engine has been able to identify the most dynamic URL, but overall, dynamic URL or to a certain extent better than static URL included. So when we do the URL standard, the static URL also must do a good job. Please according to their own web space specific situation to do this an important operating right, here if you do not know whether you please consult the space business support static URL.

why do URL standard? How to do URL standardization? Believe these two problems have been plaguing a lot of Shanghai dragon er. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng search engine optimization is that we continue to do in the URL rankings. If you want a URL to get a good ranking in the search engine, so we must take the weight of URL to concentrate, so we will only URL weight high key words of our website ranking will be good.

search engine spiders as we like to judge a web URL, assuming that when two URL can also visit a web page, so this time we need to take our URL to the standard down, as we directly in the browser’s address bar when we enter Shanghai dragon blog without the domain name WWW, will automatically jump to the domain name with www., this kind of phenomenon is the URL standard. That is to say we have to concentrate all the weight with the URL www., so do a concentrated weight, so how do the URL standard? The following small for everyone to talk about:

301 redirect is meant to tell our web site search engine has a permanent change, when our website in the revision or replacement of the domain name, we can use a 301 redirect this way to tell our web site search engine has a permanent change, it can change the domain name the weight of all the focus to the new URL, of course, in the weights of the transfer process may take some time, this time we need to wait for to slowly.

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