Love Shanghai whether the algorithm has changed Grassroots webmaster how to get rid of dependence on

don’t know to see a story in which a webmaster blog is about e-commerce, search engine, telecommunication in the future, who will be the first out. Finally, the electronic commerce is eliminated, but the micro blog that the tribes in the future, the search engine will be eliminated.

why do you say so, because I think the search changes and technology innovation is imperative.

I told some webmaster friends also communicate this, you reflect the situation encountered with the micro blog similar tribe. A lot of sites for the two days traffic dropped by half.

well, don’t love Shanghai from technical factors, on all types of Shanghai dragon article, can be said to be overwhelming, and this study Shanghai dragon born people have different ideas There are plenty of people who, and each of the measures.

have to say, we love Shanghai grassroots Webmaster Station rely on to survive, in my blog micro blog for more than seventy percent of the traffic from search engines love Shanghai.

so, I guess whether the love Shanghai algorithm made a change, and this will be a pain in our station.

I want to discuss is, in an effort to do love Shanghai optimization at the same time, the development of our station is not the other way, but we lack of money, lack of people, lack of technology of grassroots webmaster should be how to do. I believe that many owners are constantly thinking.

so, trying to get rid of dependence on search engine is constantly thinking in the future needs of our webmaster do website.

at present, search engine is indeed caused by the Internet, but also making the Internet a lot of garbage, and the search engine itself the rule is not so fair. Whether Google or love Shanghai, will not publish their specific algorithm, so the search engine rankings lack of fairness, which also created a huge search engine. Why is the Internet all chiefs in fall over each other to do the search, but also the truth.

these two days, the micro blog of the Shanghai tribe love search volume reached a trough, to observe the amount of yesterday, only more than 10 IP from Shanghai in search of love. The keywords ranking is greatly reduced.

1, the user experience, although Shanghai has been in love that this is the key to affect the ranking, but never lacked rough, but very good website ranking. In contrast to those well crafted website ranking is very short. Poor site as long as the money, still can love Shanghai to the first row.

2, original content, I had many articles to explore the positive role of the original. Of course, the original is the root of the website, but the website that rely on the acquisition of the machine architecture has a remarkable collection.

stands for so many years, every love Shanghai algorithm changes will cause our thinking and tangled. We follow the rules in Shanghai love to do with the station, we have to live in this cycle.

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