Entrepreneurs counterattack Capital Circle once the Blue Ocean Terminal dormant for ten years to do

Abstract: through the establishment of the QQ group to the network Luo fan, for the foreign terminal has accumulated more than 2 thousand seed users, the platform is to contribute to the flow of the platform. The earliest customers the first batch of users then is a mobile terminal shopping spree artifact.

black Friday in 2014, the sea Amoy in China has finally become a matter of public concern, and do this thing, the company also has a sounding tall on the name of cross-border electricity supplier. In the next few months, the sea Amoy has become the focus of public opinion, once again boarded the headlines.

to the beginning of 2015, the cross-border electricity supplier Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo mail detonated the venture capital circles, tell their own in the field of cross-border electricity supplier business these years of bitter history, several well-known investors and companies have been named. Some people questioned the hype, also some people said that entrepreneurs counterattack capital circle. No matter how, also announced B round of financing of $100 million was won, and his blue ocean pier does have a counter attack in the capital.

the man can say

heard that the purpose of this interview, who complain about the decline of the public water immediately to Shanghai recently entrepreneurship, "recently seen a lot of media in the comments of Shanghai entrepreneurial atmosphere is not good, in fact, we are not. Shanghai ocean terminal, hungry Mody are very promising companies. It is very difficult to start a business anywhere, but there is no shortage of people who really want to do something."

"what has the impact of that email to you and the marina has done? A lot of people think you’ve offended the whole investment community."

: "in fact, it was a great help to the marina. Before we want to recruit people are very difficult, now much faster.

in the capital level is not so exaggerated as the outside world, many investors and PE have come to contact with us, the key is to look at the point of view is not the same. Investors want to see how the founder with the team to fight. Tenacity and integrity with the team to reach a new stage, is their most valued.

the most important thing is that I can wake up the entrepreneur’s inner recognition of entrepreneurship, more exciting than $100 million. My intention is to focus on entrepreneurship itself."

eight year preparation

I am the egg under the Internet, I believe that it can transform the traditional retail industry, said.

in 2001, not long after graduating from blue, had entered the electricity supplier industry, also in the eBay (Yi Qu) witnessed the defeat by Taobao, and later several waves of boom, the development of the electricity supplier from retail, export trade, cross-border electricity supplier to the group purchase, this is something. He said he has always had the desire to see the Internet to help traditional retail industry, improve its efficiency.

eBay work experience has undoubtedly helped him a lot. After the failure of the C2C model, eBay China began to focus on helping Chinese SMEs to do export trade. "The first batch of people in China’s export trade is me."

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