A literature search engine for shielding companies gratified with hotlinking

newspaper news (reporter Li Bin (micro-blog)) Google revealed that they have been on the search results ranking algorithm was updated, will effectively reduce the content of the website containing infringing search results in the rankings. Shanghai official said: "love love Shanghai library, Post Bar set up a complaints mechanism, can be removed for infringement of information for the first time." 360 search party position, they support the circle of intellectual property protection and cultural circles published, hope to work together through cooperation with other partners to make the grand literature, Internet >

promotion continue to raise prices by money

112 authors in addition to pirates vowed to fight

Jiuyun Ning said, Shanda literature had spent tens of millions of yuan to buy promotion, love Shanghai search however, search engine company to continuously improve the position promotion price, the grand literature overwhelmed. 2009 to 2010 years, they had to negotiate with the search engine company, hope to bring genuine content links placed at the forefront. Rather than money to who on the front, but always to no avail.


grand literary author, original network literature involved in anti piracy declared a total of 112 people, including "I eat tomatoes" and "little Tang Jiasan" Internet writer.

yesterday, Shanda Literature (micro-blog) under 100 the search engine the phenomenon of the existence of a large number of hotlinking issued a joint statement. To love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, search and other search engines face the social responsibility to protect the legitimate interests of copyright holders statement. That night, vice president of Shanda literature, news spokesman Ning Jiuyun in an interview with this reporter, said: "for piracy, we will be investigated and actively take action."

reporter Tang Ping

The company is willing to cooperate with

, Shanda literature CEO Hou Xiaoqiang. The drawing will be

statement has three items, requiring several search engines "shield piracy website" "literature sharing channel to establish pre audit mechanism, earnestly fulfill the legal responsibility of notice to delete". The statement last oath: "one day of piracy in our fight will be a day".

‘s joint statement under 100 author search engine shielding Daolian

said demands, three results are given Jiuyun Ning grand hope to get. First, I hope the search engine can put the first genuine search results, delete those engaged in piracy websites from search results; secondly, the hidden infringing content "Post Bar" "library" so-called sharing site channel to strengthen the pre audit; third, don’t let the right person to notice every time no echo.

Jiuyun Ning said, through legal weapons and search engines to be the last choice. Shanda literature v. love Shanghai infringement case is successful, but the inspired author only lasted a short time, "soon, the search engine and let the authors feel helpless return to old habits".

genuine annihilation

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