A comprehensive analysis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of original article writing skills

two, pay attention to the correlation of the contents of

three, the original content should pay attention to with

since the love of Shanghai made the original plan for many grassroots Adsense is a huge blow, because before the workload of website content is very small, as long as the grassroots focus in the chain and profit model, so although the grassroots webmaster live hard, but as long as enough diligence, still can guarantee food and clothing, but when after the original algorithm to love Shanghai, grassroots webmaster will encounter severe challenges, because of the large number of web content has so many webmaster but eventually led directly to the care for this and lose that, the webmaster of the class.

Although the love of Shanghai

, pay attention to user experience

text more affinity, but in order to improve the user experience of the website, add a little picture to explain the image of the text is a good method, the original content more accessible to love Shanghai’s favor, because of love there is a picture of Shanghai collection channel, if the pictures and articles are original so, it is equal to the love of Shanghai included two times, will increase the site’s exposure rate, an important reason for this is now a lot of original content website on the illustrations. But placed in the picture, need to give.

to write the original article, the central idea of the article and the theme of the site must match the core site is can not talk, but your website content is, this is obviously oxlips wrong the horse mouth, let the user see Yunshanwuzhao, which means not to know the inside story, the central idea of the content on the website must and the site of the match. This requires in the construction site, should combine their own field, so as to create original content a lot, if you are in an unfamiliar area, to finally will let you have nothing to say, the website gradually becomes a shell.

original articles do not need to write many words, generally 3, 500 words will be a news event and a method that clear, so we do not need hundreds of thousands of words to describe a long and minute statement, a simple thing, looks very academic, but in the current life rhythm is accelerating today, this the simple way is obviously not in conformity with the requirements of the user experience, so I think the original contents and streamlined, but then streamlined to focus on the one thing that clear, allowing users to understand, this is the bottom line, so we will find the original articles no longer seemed so hard to write, at the same time every day able to create more original article.

is actually the original article is not really very difficult, I believe that this should be divided into two to look at, in fact, any website can not be all of the original, but a website without the original content, it can only play the role of Porter, is obviously a love that shielded Shanghai algorithm so, I think the original web content creation according to the original and reproduced in two ways. Following the analysis of original content creation skills.

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