Analysis of cosmetics website optimization need to know about the three elements


analysis of cosmetics website competition, not only by optimizing the internal work site can be achieved, we do optimization friends are clear, content is king, even for the emperor, therefore cannot ignore the optimization of cosmetics website outside the station, outside the station was not focused on the amount, but as for how a clever, clever I will, in the next article "from Shanghai love encyclopedia chain inquiry skills" to share with everyone, many friends said that even can not original, just excerpts from other things can be, I do not think so, think about if you love Shanghai to duplicate the contents not included or not to take the weight of words, then we do the chain work so much and what help to our

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in the earlier and everybody discussed the website optimization experience, many of my friends and my QQ consultation "site optimization technique or whether there is a trick?" my answer is not Website Optimization Website optimization techniques, and is not permanent, requiring us to adhere to the good maintenance work, today we are specific to the cosmetics website this industry website, website optimization points and precautions of cosmetics.

, good skills in God helps those who help themselves ", as do the cosmetics stand inside and outside the station optimization, don’t expect love in Shanghai will have any discount for you, finally can tell you a true optimization method, that is.


was the first to be clear about one thing, that is our intention to do cosmetic website optimization is what? We improve the sales of cosmetics cosmetics website, that is to say we allow users to do optimization aims to find us, and buy our cosmetics, so good, we must first clear the first concern that is, we target user problems, which is related to the user’s online habits and search keywords, many people do not understand why we have these problems? In fact very simple purpose is to consider these issues, we must identify the keywords of the cosmetics industry, the status of our website keyword.

user experienceThe

keyword selection is very important for the optimization of a cosmetics website, this also means that the positioning of the site at that level keywords after selection, then we have to carry on the cosmetics website keywords layout, we all know that we must do keywords head or middle part and bottom to arrange keywords. In order to put keyword density control in 2%-8%, but I think the key density in 4%-6% more appropriate keyword density, only as a reference, I have a cosmetics group purchase website, 365 group keyword density in 1.5%, is still ranked, so do not have to deliberately go to optimize to optimize. I have to emphasize that is "user experience", no matter how you meet the cosmetics website optimization, but can tell you a "love Shanghai won’t give you good results".

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