Bounty Hunter Gao Bin domain name can make the first pot of gold is 7 years old

lead: seven years continuous founded eight projects through the four companies. He was in the University by selling domain names to earn hundreds of thousands. But also can not afford to pay real estate, credit card cash. Today, Gao Bin went back to the origin, restart the

bounty hunter!


Gao Bin, Chengdu bounty hunter CEO, 80 serial entrepreneur. Some people are born to toss, so Gao Bin was born in Shanxi, Jiang County, long town in the ancient capital of Nanjing, followed by a group of parents in Lhasa to study, four years of College in Beijing read cryptography professional, working in Beijing for five years after graduation, returned to Chengdu in 2007 to start a business, seven consecutive years started eight projects experience four the company. He was in the University by selling domain names to earn hundreds of thousands, just started to win 3 million angels on the idea, but also can not afford to pay real estate, credit card cash. Now, the veteran entrepreneurs are at the crossroads once again, is the fight all the Jedi to survive, or stand in the air to fly freely. Each entrepreneur will face the choice, consideration, which is the process of entrepreneurship must go through.

was born with a domain name to earn a pot of gold


Gao Binlai to find small army chat, because the new product to be on the line, so we went to the people of the south side of Manhattan, a cafe on the 6 floor. I’ve seen Gao Bin once, only know him in the business, but I do not know the slightly dark skin, long curly hair, quiet and humble peers experience was so legendary.

Gao Bin was born in 1980, typical 80. He was born in a small town in Shanxi Jiang County, from the birth of Shanxi, Nanjing, Lhasa city several frustrating, because parents Tibet, so from the beginning with the study of teenage parents in Lhasa, until 1998 admitted to Beijing, a professional cryptography.

1998, it is the rapid development of the Internet in china. When the majority of peers are still playing with the Internet chat rooms, chat QQ first intimate contact when Gao Bin was found in future business opportunities: since each enterprise will have their own website, need domain name, then why not seize the chance to register? So he found parents borrowed $8000 to domain name speculation. With their sensitive sense of smell, his 8000 in a few years into a few hundred thousand, which has a domain name to buy dozens of dollars, sold to a foreign company earned tens of thousands of dollars".

University for four years, while reading domain name speculation, but after graduation, he was recommended to the teacher to do a business with a firm and secure encryption chip collar. This time Gao Bin, never thought he would venture. In Beijing, Gao Bin white collar to the middle of the company, a stay is five years. Because the family in Chengdu, he is the eldest son of the family, so the parents request, he returned to Chengdu from Beijing. The plan to take over the family’s real estate business, but he was not interested in the family business, he wanted to do something they like. So, back to Chengdu, Gao Bin began his seven years of struggle and entrepreneurship.

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