Explain what kind of the chain is of high quality

second, the chain carrier experience. This point with the love Shanghai algorithm innovation is becoming more and more important. The chain now has not been able to exist alone apart, but through the contents of the package, can let the chain to show their value. There is the chain itself has value factors, the chain is not without significance can play a very good optimization effect. This first of all to ensure that the chain carrier, readability is content, thus refreshing user experience. Readability must be a good help to the user, and then on this basis, put forward the corresponding expansion of the chain, allowing users to get knowledge. This love many outside the chain of Shanghai encyclopedia on fully reflects the effect of the expansion of knowledge, effectively enhance the existing value chain.

third, the chain has diversified property. The chain forms do not to exist only in a form, a few years ago, Shanghai was considered to be love BBS signature chain, so many webmaster have the website forum signature set into their web site, so the site outside the chain such as overnight, thousands of pear trees, the amount is staggering, but these there are chain in the same form, once love Shanghai banned, then the number of the chain website again to return to the freezing point. This ice >

?Have a deep understanding of

first, the formal chain of sources. On this point also is the first formal chain One divides into two., publishing platform of. This mainly refers to when the owners choose some chain platform release, to weight on these platforms of the site analysis, to see whether these platforms have garbage site properties, is not the normal operation of the website, the website has been broken or more, only the platform has regular, then the web site outside the chain, can let the chain play optimization effect.

and only foreign chain optimization personnel quality, can better build quality of the website chain, so as to provide help for the website optimization. In fact, we love Shanghai through detailed analysis of optimization guide, we can find that the high quality of the website chain standard is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


another is to the chain itself has a normal attribute. You can’t simply at other sites on the platform, only to leave your site address, or leave your own anchor text links or URL by a word. We must understand whether this site outside the chain is still necessary, whether to provide help to the user, the chain or it is the meaning of existence, it is better than nothing, so the formal chain of chain reaction to the quality of.

chain construction is an important content of the website optimization, for the majority of the webmaster, all know with the love Shanghai algorithm to enhance the degree of intelligence, for the construction of the chain, the need to reflect the high quality, that is to say, only the high quality of the chain, can play an important role in the website optimization process but, what kind of site outside the chain is the high quality of the chain? There is such a kind of standard to judge the quality of the chain of


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