Between different bidding optimization and analysis

, the 2 key words in the search engine rankings cannot be determined, only the establishment of a general location could not completely reach the standard heart station.

2, through account set up numerous keywords, as long as you want to do is not illegal keywords are ranking.

1, in the search engine rankings show more natural, stable, easy to build a brand, and maintain a longer time.

love Shanghai bidding:

2, hot industry keywords click price also resulted in the peer malicious click behavior, and even organized the malicious click.

4, the cost of the bid can be freely controlled, adjusted to ensure cost control.

Shanghai Dragon:

Shanghai Longfeng drawback:

2, the relative costs and benefits in terms of bidding is easy to control and optimization of Shanghai Longfeng would also lay the foundation for the optimization of some websites, the lower cost optimization next time.

1, the degree of competition is intense, the corresponding keywords bidder will be in the front row, it is prone to vicious spiral.

love Shanghai bidding is by clicking on the billing, every click charge, while Shanghai Longfeng optimization is through technical means to improve the site keywords in the search engine rankings, cost and keywords heat, position, and rank time decision. Their ultimate goal is to increase the amount of clicks related websites.

1, set the The advantages of The advantages of

Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love auction website can enhance the website ranking, but have to pay some money to the price >

1, keywords ranking improved slowly, to achieve the effect of a long time, not immediate.

, 3 set of keywords can be withdrawn at any time, if the keywords effect is poor, can change the bidding strategy in order to achieve the best state selectivity.

love Shanghai bidding weakness:

search keywords website will immediately display in Shanghai love home, you can immediately see the effect.

for the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon bidding and optimization, the webmaster and everyone has his hobby, each one takes what he needs.

" love Shanghai, you will see " now the Internet has become a well known slogan, "all he found thousands of love Shanghai, back to that person but in the lights dim" love Shanghai therefore occupy more than 80% share of the search engine, it is firmly capture the webmaster heart let go, have to take some methods in Shanghai love search results rank. Love Shanghai bidding and Shanghai dragon was born optimization. Between the two are all different approaches but equally satisfactory results but there are also great differences.

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