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love Shanghai’s own love Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai library, encyclopedia and other products have been popular website ER and website promotion of Shanghai dragon’s favorite, but how to correctly view Shanghai’s love of these products, and play its role? I will combine their experience to do the real estate network in Kunshan and together with you to discuss.

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about love Shanghai own product in the end is to take care of or by itself optimization of this problem, I in the above article "search engine optimization seven say" there is a little about here, not perfunctory. I also proposed, because you do not love Shanghai link or promotion platform resulted in his website implicated. We can think of it this way, if you don’t do what the chain, the chain had sex in Shanghai own products, can easily lead to the breadth of the chain is too simple to be punished. On the other hand, you also do other outside the chain, the chain fell in love with the sea also, results of the site being punished, then we cannot judge is punished for having sex on the chain in Shanghai. In fact, we have not considered the station optimization etc.. Numerous factors will let us judge error.

real know love

love Shanghai know are studied by many people, I was through their own combat also summarized a little experience with others, may be slightly different ideas.

< 2> enhance brand awareness and network public relations

; intercepted traffic

Shanghai and Shanghai through love know love Post Bar in places such as speculation, to publicize their own website. If your site can appear in the difficult love Shanghai encyclopedia inside, it is proved that the strength of your company.

website optimization because of the competition, so not every word can be you up to do, or that the short term is difficult to achieve good ranking. Then we can make full use of love and love in Shanghai know Shanghai library congenital ranking advantage, their website or web site to do, in the front row to intercept traffic. But there will be intercepted traffic flow loss, as long as the word wide, is a good choice. Of course, can also manufacture long tail to intercept traffic using the Shanghai know love and other products, after that we can exchange.

< 1> increase the chain, improve the site weight

three, Shanghai love their products in the end how to do

the increase of the chain can be Post Bar, can also be love Shanghai know, even the library, anyway you can leave a link in a chain is included. At the same time love Shanghai products are easy to be other site acquisition, leaving a lot of the chain, so as to enhance the weight of your website.

three benefits of love Shanghai’s own products


, of Shanghai love their products

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