Love Shanghai original algorithm die

1, Shanghai is not timely grasp of love. After the original written, you put on your own website, love Shanghai cannot ensure that the first time to grab your article. There are multiple factors here, your weight is not high enough, you outside of the chain is not wide enough, the spider did not first time to visit your original page, and the new Shanghai love even after being informed, the crawling cycle is generally longer, in the absence of sufficient activity and extensive chain support, the love of Shanghai can not be the first time to obtain the new content on your site.

as a freshman, I asked some predecessors "rookie do Shanghai dragon" and they will say, more original, more chain included naturally, the weight of the PR will be ranked up gradually.

I am a contact Shanghai dragon in less than 3 months of the rookie, slightly deeper understanding of this line after the discovery, the deep water is not generally. Deep is just, I always have a bottom slowly times a day. But the trip trip, water is also very mixed.




5, and hundreds of millions of domestic websites, declare in no uncertain terms said, quite a part of site data looks very good, basically rely on its content and reprint collection, but still get the spider friendly, frequent access to frequently grab. For the new US even daily writing, it is difficult to sentence original with only one point to get a good weight.


really useful? The answer is absolutely yes

!The reasons are as follows:

4, grab make time has not marked, but these data we can see, the first grab is not released after the first release, is not necessarily the acquisition or transfer. In the index database opaque, as Shanghai dragon we can only through the simple site check included the case, how to choose the original acquisition and


but you write the original effect? The answer is fuzzy

3, grab and release the two concepts. If your original is grabbed, but for unknown reasons, has not been released. But the record, "has also been reproduced but has released the crawl. So how do you determine who is who is the original acquisition? In this case, is not often reproduced the original page priority will be released, the page has released lag, will not even release. We do not know whether the spider crawling in the case, how to determine whether the original

2, lag love Shanghai crawl, means that the same article may be reproduced, if his transfer platform love Shanghai spiders very frequently, then no doubt this was reproduced articles will be reproduced in Shanghai that belongs to the love of the original, that is to say, he has stolen something from you, not the public security things that belong to you, you said you Yuanbu yuan

But the original

, the original or not is not really important. Shanghai to the original introduction for love >


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