Analysis of selection and optimization techniques of long tail keywords

for the grassroots webmaster, do website optimization, if the simple take great effort to optimize the core keywords, it is easy to cause lose the wife of another soldier, spent more time talking about money is basically a boondoggle, so that the strategies to optimize the core keywords is not appropriate for the grassroots webmaster.

long tail keywords selection techniques

but for the grassroots webmaster, long tail keywords selection is very important, and no one will be able to optimize the long tail keywords to obtain immediate results, this is a long process, but also has a lot of skills, the key word love Shanghai heat index is very high, often can thousands, so we choose the long tail keywords, love Shanghai index is also a very worthy of reference, generally speaking, the love of Shanghai index is small, means that the key competitiveness will be smaller, the corresponding search the user the opportunity is small, so in the choice of long tail keywords, the index should love Shanghai in a relatively suitable digital, usually around 100 of the index is relatively appropriate.

is the layout of the long tail keywords reasonable, since.


The But

love Shanghai index 100 is actually every day about 100 people to search through the keywords, the intensity of competition although there are, but hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of keywords do not have so intense competition, as long as the appropriate optimization techniques, still can get good rankings, here must pay attention point is for those no index long tail keywords, optimizing the value of these words is the potential growth, if there is no potential growth, even if it is optimal to the home page, the website traffic does not play a role. Because there is no one to search for the keywords.

long tail keywords optimization techniques

grassroots webmaster optimization also has its own advantages, that is flexibility is very strong, and the flexible property lies in the long tail keywords, many people in the industry to optimize the long tail keywords described as the Anti Japanese War, the Eight Route Army guerrilla tactics, the overall strategy of rural areas surrounding the city, flexible use different competitive weak points to optimize, can play a multiplier effect.

is a good selection of long tail keywords, it is half the battle, the remaining half of the webmaster is to rely on optimization techniques just perfect the analysis of three main techniques here one is the internal structure to do the site, because the site of the inside pages are actually mutual voting elements, if the inside pages of website can recommend type chain for internal has important long tail keywords page, it can effectively promote the important weight in the long tail keywords website page, so love Shanghai will give priority to recommend this keyword into love in Shanghai home.

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