Analysis of optimization method based on the actual link three elements

exchange and although the weight is acceptable, but the number is extremely limited, a website itself even if the weight be higher, if the export of fifty or sixty links, nor what value, but also make the search engine mistakenly think that this is the link factory. But the search engine must have requirements, deep breadth of certain links, can effectively enhance the website weight. The soft, let these difficulties smoothly done or easily solved. Released to the professional platform on the site, not only attracted great attention, very conducive to enhance corporate reputation. More importantly, the website optimization point of view, widely reprinted can bring vast amounts of links, and these links are distributed under different domain name. We take stationmaster network as an example, a number of good quality articles, usually bring dozens of times even hundreds of times the reprint, the article also turn away turn away in the middle of the domain name and link. >

the reason for doing this is that search engine in the judgment link, there is a wide range of requirements. A website, if over the link is the core keywords uniform, no doubt is the human sit up. Different keywords, and even some web site, to a certain extent to meet the requirements of diversity of key links. Another purpose of the links related to the core word long tail word, this is conducive to the overall weight of website promotion, not to mention some of the long tail word although upset some, but there are still users search for it. If the site weight itself is very high, natural look into the search engine will be in front of the retrieved opportunity is some more.

The chain link to the Keywords:

and determine the site keywords should be highly cautious is different, although the link also need to determine the core keywords, but there was more casual. Of course, this is not random but a powerful and unconstrained style chaos, around the core keywords and optimization of the theme, link some long tail word. For example, we now determine the word "construction site" is the core keywords, when building links, it can be appropriate to link some similar "Shanghai site construction", "site construction company" the long tail word. In some cases, can be directly linked with the domain name, rather than the anchor text.

two, the chain: to win wide high quality soft link

website optimization has two swords, one is quality content, another one is the quality of the link. As the website construction company or website optimization personnel, as long as the flexible use of the two edge, eventually invincible invincible. High quality content plays a role in the production site, I had already in the "web site optimization adhere to the original, experience more achievements of self value", "but the content is the achievement of website construction and optimization of the king" the subject of this topic, we temporarily stranded. Today we are the focus of the link, and related links of "key words", "external links" and "internal links" between the three elements, the analysis of website optimization can play a role.

, a unified theme form but not sticking to formalities

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