The website included in the website ranking and relationship

in the next work, the author Dennis through the site command to detect found not to imagine is black, the phenomenon is linked to the horse. Included in the ranking is rising, and falling, through the detection of the source code of the website, found that the site did not set up the robot file. Present situation is embarrassed to convey to us a new algorithm of information? The author Dennis made a bold speculation, the website included in the website ranking is not there is a positive correlation between the so-called.

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but now, web content constantly update at the same time, the content is not the first time included, then check the contrary to what we found included new page, occupy the position of the old page as before, this is also disclose information to us: website content quality, theme the direction of deviation, in order to apply the old page to track, to drive

can prove that the website is collected and website ranking is definitely linked. Your website is the carrier and show the website ranking, only to ensure a high quality included at the same time, will be able to have a good website ranking.

recently in the website optimization work has been in a bottleneck stage, whether it is the daily maintenance of normal or let things drift, double index data, but the ranking is greatly decreased than before. In this case, the first reaction is the domain name is Pan Dennis parsing, increased garbage pages, affect the website ranking.

then we can study them whether there is a positive correlation between. On this issue, the author Dennis can not hundred percent sure, because the premise is to be made to ensure that the full page is high quality page. But for the average enterprise site, page quality is uneven, for now, can not guarantee the quality of the page to grab at the same time, we can not determine the search engine for the quality of the web pages.

website is rising, but the ranking is no change or even reverse the growth, this is why? Love Shanghai is even after the cancellation of the snapshot site’s

we return to the theme of today, the website included whether there is positive correlation with the

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compared to the same period of online website has appeared in two different data collected, ranking position is surprisingly similar. In the past, the website optimization, we will update the information content every day, one of the most important reasons is that the website included. In the process of optimization, Shanghai dragon Er will think every website included is the search engine spiders crawl the web for a high quality display page, can also be seen as a refresh data on the website of the. The data on the website refresh effect brought by the reshuffle is the website ranking, so we will release information in the content is included later on.

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