Virtual son rain Shanghai dragon experience of how to improve the work efficiency of Shanghai Dragon

1, Shanghai dragon on the stick,

a lot of friends to this statement as unheeded advice, it is useless to understand, say, to do it. Indeed, here comes another very important law enforcement: Shanghai dragon king. No execution of the Shanghai dragon is doing well in Shanghai Longfeng, even good luck, doing well, it is not the direction of low efficiency. Before I introduce one of my friend’s example, he is completely ignorant of Shanghai dragon, and I observed his station do not very good, but he has a point: the chain, he made every day outside the chain.

to improve their efficiency in Shanghai dragon has two aspects we can operate: it is not a waste of time, positive things, don’t go-slow; one is trying to do more of the things at the right time, help us to reach the goal. For these two aspects we need to do in fact or a lot, I simply tell you about my opinion about how to improve the efficiency of the Shanghai dragon.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Lately I’ve been thinking about a problem: how to make Shanghai Longfeng improve efficiency? I believe we are plagued by this problem. Many of my friends would ask some very simple questions, and you know the answer, but because he is not sure the heart want to find someone to determine your own mind, such as the Shanghai dragon every day to do what this question my answer is usually the chain and content, but for different people it emphasis will be different, some friends will think that the chain is very important, so most of the time in the chain, and will try to do outside the chain, the weight is high, included fast. But if you focus on the user experience of the station, the station will carefully edit articles, give users want to things, to help the station transformation for this station will spend more time in the content. I don’t judge who is right and who is wrong, but here I want to give you a very sincere advice, do any kind of direction can be successful, but no matter which direction, we should enhance our efficiency in Shanghai dragon.

implementation is very important!

for Shanghai dragon, we all know that a very important law: stick to victory! Indeed, as long as we choose the right direction, even a little slower, our website can also complete the Shanghai dragon slowly, as the efficiency depends on the time required, if we have a website every day time is 4 hours, the optimization requires 3 months to complete this website, so if we can squeeze more than 2 hours a day, so we can only spend 2 months time to complete, if every day can squeeze in 4 hours, a there is a possibility that this website in complete optimization of work for 1 months. The first point is to improve the efficiency of the Shanghai dragon, we must actively into work, as far as possible to shorten the cycle of Shanghai dragon optimization.

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