The old owners do some optimization to share personal experience

optimization work for five years, some problems were also encountered a lot of problems found in the optimization process, in this process, the author thinks that some basic elements is worth discussing, for any website optimization we must follow some principles of optimization, but also to grasp some of the optimization of bottom line, these things what is considered to be very important in optimization, then, mainly contains the details of

first, the content is a core point site is long. If you are a three years old webmaster, maybe you and I have a sympathetic idea, because the impetuous of the Internet, we still have to grasp some of the bottom line of what, if I had to say which is more important, attention to web content, a day without effect, two days have no effect you stick to come to me for a month. The content is not original enough, make sure the content of the website for the service needs of customers, this is the key, if the user can get what you want on your website, then retain is the behoove.

The author is engaged in

finally, the author summarizes.

The relationship between

third, in the process of optimizing the changed and unchanged. The search engine development to the present, both algorithms upgrade or optimization techniques and experience a lot in continuous improvement, with the loss of time there may be some things now will gradually be eliminated, there may be some things with the passage of time is that we should always adhere to, then, how to grasp the degree. How do you love Shanghai after the update algorithm can ensure your website steadily? This is every webmaster friends eager to do. I think the process of change and the change in, you should keep your heart that a minimum moral bottom line, "found something that does not change in the process of change, is the fundamental. The same is the search engine for user service concept is eternal, and to this end for a series of algorithms to upgrade or adjust these means in every hour and moment of change, so we should stick to what? What seems to be self-evident what?.

second, from a competitor’s site, but absolutely can not copy. Especially for the love Shanghai optimization, we must provide their own web site can provide the unique value that rival website is very good, the quality of the content is very high, we will follow this idea to cash, this idea is undesirable, because even the company, selling products and the main commodity there will be some deviation but, as we have to stand in their own angle to the mining site products to meet the needs of users, as Shanghai dragon Er actually what we should do is to do the thing you should do, to find their own way to promote and suitable site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, content optimization is a truth. Follow the footsteps of others, will make their own very tired, because not to make up a really tired out I think some things is not your own, optimization is a continuous process of discovery and the process of transcendence, we don’t need to go back with others.


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