Website promotion operation is love Shanghai right down for four reasons

site assessment are sites of frequent changes.

The first factor is The

website is the assessment of the third factor is the chain surge.


website is the assessment of the second factor is the quality of website content is low.

website built after something to try not to change frequently, such as template, title, description, keywords and other important information. If the frequent replacement, search engine will think that your site is not stable, need to continue to examine the light site in a very long time the chain did not change much, there will be severe punishment marks, included drop, keyword ranking fell, not new snapshot phenomenon.

said the site built but not later no longer any changes, minor changes can still, such as a web site and add a feature of what, slightly larger changes to other sites to achieve certain stability, search engine friendly after this change, this time is the need to hold their own, if you feel to your own website is very friendly, the article can be included in the moment, then it can be a large change on site.

love Shanghai to the railway station, there is a general assessment period, due to the long assessment period of uncertainty, novice webmaster in this period of time to the site to do the work will feel confused. The website to enter the examination period after the novice webmaster due to lack of experience, will be very confused to the site to do some unnecessary work, pay a lot but not seen a long time to return, or even because of the wrong operation to search engine drop right, a web station wateryuer to share with you the website inspected or cause down the right, I hope novice webmaster website when operating carefully.

chain for the emperor is the emperor’s right, but factors also have to control, cannot limit to do, otherwise they will have less effect. Small in this area suffered a lot, it was a great shock. Website promotion is not anxious, short time inside and outside the chain jumped a search engine that will you use the machine posting or use don’t cheating on the site, will enter the audit period. Because the novice webmaster do psychological, so it is easy to fall into the new love Shanghai review period.

server is not stable is the webmaster of It is quite common for virtual host, because of low prices, so many owners buy virtual host to run the website on a server to run multiple virtual host, so the space.

The The

website content must be rich, the number, quality should be ensured. Often to the site to add some original content, it seems to be a lot of new Adsense or a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but do not pay attention to, or are too lazy to write original content, so that the website is only regret after bu. So the content of the website is very important, the content is king’s point of view is always constant Shanghai dragon in the field of standards.


site assessment was the last factor is that the server is not stable.

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