Website optimization how to avoid the fatal love Shanghai right down

optimization of specific performance is: excessive keyword density is too high, a large number of keywords to stack, using the JS code, links to illegal sites etc.. So webmaster in website optimization process, must reflect on their own websites have to use the above techniques.

four, the chain construction is properly

in website optimization, the most fatal is afraid to meet the site is down right, once the site is down right, it will be difficult to recover. In every love Shanghai update, is the most intense period, some even wait until the early morning of 2, is to wait until the update results. If there is hard for their relentless love Shanghai station was K off or dropped, there would only be disappointed and helpless. It’s better to take the initiative, to nip in the bud. The search engine is fair, it has certain rules, it will not give you the right down It is without rhyme or reason. The author is engaged in optimization for many years, from the actual experience is summarized as follows, is the webmaster friends in need to pay attention to web site optimization process:

three, there is no excessive optimization

now love Shanghai search engine technology has a lot of progress, can be very good for the identification of some pseudo original technique, once you use the pseudo original, and just love Shanghai recognition, it certainly will be love Shanghai right down, even by the K station. I have two site test, because the original is false, less than a month was all love Shanghai K! We must learn a lesson.

for new sites, within a month, the chain does not grow too much, one day 2-3 can, too much will be search engine optimization excessive.

, check whether the server stability

server stability is the basic condition for website optimization. The stability of the server includes several aspects: first, to ensure that the site can continue to be open, if the site a few days can not be opened, it is likely to be the love of Shanghai down right; secondly, to ensure that there is a certain site open speed; again, to ensure the safety of the web site, if the site was invaded by illegal. Molecular Trojan horse code, or will the whole site change, then regret it too late. Now the market space is jumbly, bad ones, I suggest you buy some space business brands, such as network, not to covet a cheap to buy cheap host, when a problem is that the web site is down right, The loss outweighs the gain..


Shanghai Longfeng community has been in the "content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence for the book, which shows the importance in the optimization process of the chain. So the chain is not free on the web link you can send it, if the chain construction method is not appropriate, it will be down the right search engine. For example: the behavior of the chain is growing too fast, the use of black chain, the mass of the chain and they all belong to the improper construction of the chain.

two, there is no pseudo original

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