The new station during the Shanghai assessment of Shanghai dragon Er love doing

in love during the Shanghai study, I just want to say don’t care too much about whether there is a ranking, because those false composition more. The focus is to have love in Shanghai after the assessment period for ranking that is true, otherwise everything is in vain. So how do we do in the assessment period to love Shanghai, for the latter part of the website development foundation do better? Then Xiaobian to introduce, what I do in the new period of


second, the chain (and every webmaster all know the topic)

website is easy to deploy said it can be said is not easy to deploy, if purely random update, it can be said that it is very simple. If it is really hard to deploy it, it can be said that it is very difficult to. So, in the optimization process of daily I pay more attention to this one, usually must be the article must be guaranteed in the following:

, the first web content (which is also the topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar)

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chain is each site optimization one thing must be done, but the chain has high quality and low quality of the chain, the high quality of the chain may day construction not a few, but the low quality of the chain can build hundreds even thousands a day, so what should we choose how to choose the chain? In fact, here Xiaobian recommend to the construction of the high quality of the chain, the low quality of the chain ningquewulan. So, how to obtain the high quality the chain we should normally

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now stands have 1~3 months of love Shanghai assessment period, then as a web site optimization in these few months, you usually are doing what? It seems that many webmaster every day is to update the hair outside the chain, and then continue through the webmaster tools to check whether the site has been included or whether the rankings? This seems to be a need to do every thing, in fact, I just want to tell you is that, for a new sites don’t care too much about whether the site has been included whether the ranking, because in love the sea examination during your site will undergo major changes, because the virtual the weight of new love Shanghai will generally give one or two weeks, within the two weeks as long as your site has been included, then your website layout perfect words will generally get good Good rankings. But after a period of time, the ranking will disappear. Therefore, many owners think that your site is down right, to help me rankings why disappeared. In fact, these are all because your site quality is not really to that matter. So, the ranking disappeared.

We all know that ?

submission platform is one of the best methods to obtain the high quality of the chain, every day we can write a high quality content for submission, submission after the success, every day at least someone will come from and keep your links, so that there is someone for you to send the chain, so why not is it >

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