Shanghai dragon station optimization SMO share button web traffic by leaps and bounds

now has a lot of friends know what is Shanghai dragon, but it may be unfamiliar with SMO. SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the use of automatic import website more social media stream. The happy net, renren贵族宝贝, Sina micro-blog, micro-blog and other Sohu to SNS as the representative of the social media platform jump red network, it also brings more convenience for the work of SMO.

Title is completed, should be meta, meta has two, one is description, another is keyword. Some beginners may not understand what is meta, here I first to explain. The so-called meta is search profiles and keyword search engine when searching keyword index indicate, frequently use search engine we should not strange, out of love for Shanghai search after the search results will appear under the heading for a similar profile phrase, this is the role of meta. General meta description will be embedded in a site profile, and add keywords in the content of. In this way we can increase the weight of the key word in the station. Keyword as stated in the key word, what can literally use separator. End >

Before the

SMO detailed explanation, the completion of the Shanghai Phoenix Station Optimization we first talk about how to better.

The first step of

also note title is embedded in the key words are separated, in accordance with the relevant search engine operators, such as love Shanghai Title separator for "_", Google separator is",".

first, we must first understand how search engine spiders crawling. We do in the station optimization, Shanghai Longfeng work is around the search engine and its matching way to achieve optimal results. For example, title, meta, ALT and so on, all of these is to let the search engine spiders to extract web site information crawling into our website can be better. The spider web information extraction is generally related keywords and. Of course, these you should know it. Below I will describe in detail how I improved optimization.

in code optimization, we need to modify the page, modify title, embedded in the title keyword, but in order to ensure the site can quickly improve the hit rate and reduce the difficulty of optimization, suggest the choice of key words up to no more than 4. And the title keyword in the best from short to long press order.

first I will do is to modify the code, this is done in order to let spiders index with a website, easier to capture information. When spiders crawl to the site information transmission to the server, will have their own website in the ranking position. Of course, if you do not code optimization, spiders can’t succeed index to the website information, will give you the site as a dumpster, this must be careful.

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