Seven platform webmaster website chain release summary

give you my hand and how to optimize


third platform:

fourth platform: release a chain exchange platform

forum and Adsense on the learning forum, A5, the laggards, 28 push, etc. These webmaster forums in general, we can learn a lot of knowledge, some constructive article you can record, after all these Adsense BBS in addition to send me the opportunity is our chain of school record you can publish your own summary articles. But the article also should have released the requirements, not to cause pollution of Shanghai dragon is very good, for example: we can talk about new we stop growth record, or their experiences, their progress forum will also think your article has value.

asked about my station, several key words from the third, fourth page "love Shanghai are on the first page, there is a" key China art college entrance examination "ranked second, ha ha. I was happy, I now summarize the novice how to optimize, if not correct please give guidance.


issued a chain exchange platform, generally low weight, >

platformThe importance of the

chain as we all know, the chain must be stable, gradually improve the method, do not use opportunistic, you will be successful. For a newcomer to the chain, generally do not know where to publish your links. You must make good use of the Internet resources, love Shanghai has a lot of old Adsense summary resources as you download search "the chain resources’ will, at this time you only need to register the account published on OK. This is just a beginning with resources do not worry about where to go, but there must be practical.

this kind of website must high weight forum, the chain must not quantity, quality is the key. Collect some of this forum on the flow of the station is also helpful. But this kind of website do general Adsense signature, some owners even proposed forum signature didn’t have much effect, but not as long as do will have effect, but the effect is can see is can make nothing of it. Do BBS signature generally have to need the meaning and content of this post or no value, you a signature even your sofa chain is also not much benefit.

The first The


second platform: with your website related forum

platform: webmaster forum


I have a fixed station every day to update the original article, published in each big web blog or small blog. But still be deleted or many titles, since the ranking came up after, I can send the article will become careful a lot, it is easy to be K. For example: love Shanghai blog space, who can not, love Shanghai without space, exactly what we all know. Blog, blog, blog, Sina, NetEase, Sohu and the blog,

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