Some simple strategies making station group chat

will be more than two sites composed of groups, the Shanghai dragon, make the site in one or more keywords in the rankings, which appeared in the station group effect.


in the stand in a station of the use of these techniques to keep the site, after a period of time, it can provide optimal services for customers in Shanghai dragon, with so many resources, businesses can even promise some traditional enterprise site, in a specified period of time, the website of a core keywords do love Shanghai home or keywords customer specified by the customer, achieve the desired effect in terms of time.

since 2013, but the good times don’t last long, love Shanghai search engine launched a crackdown on spam links, link and soft link algorithm, (Scindapsus algorithm and Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2). In order to optimize the techniques resulting in many stations to provide Shanghai Longfeng services company, many have disappeared.

of course, standing above the swarm optimization techniques, is a past love Shanghai search engine algorithm is not based on human nature and intelligent optimization techniques to use on stations to achieve the desired effect of optimization of customers. So in the past few years the emergence of a lot of Shanghai Longfeng service company of every hue.

said the strategy of making for some stations, Shanghai station group Longfeng beginners, is a relatively complex. So what is the station? You can leave a message, when you are in search of a keyword when found on the first page of a few stops before the company name is the same, but the web site links to each other, so it is called the station group.


at the beginning part comes up, do optimization station is usually Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng service company and some people often do.

chat station group, surely we are not unfamiliar, many years ago in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company, the station group optimization mode, to provide services such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon outsourcing company hands a little hundreds or even thousands of websites, they use the site to stand in a station, the mutual interconnection between each other. In order to enhance the site’s weight of each other.

station group optimization effect far less than in the past, but in the production of stations or to pay attention to some strategy, if the production strategy properly, the optimization effect is still a little, how to grasp the degree.

so now stand swarm optimization strategy the effect is far less than ever, and even some stations do no effect, but for the optimization of some grey industry website, as well as part of the use of stations to optimize. According to Yang Zi recently learned that some grey industry site, in the use of stand swarm optimization for a few months down, not what effect, think of the things we still harass the people and waste money, try not to do.

Although today’s

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