How to solve the problem of love Shanghai snapshot stagnation

second, increase the original article proportion, reduce the adjustment frequency of the website. Especially the keywords of the site title, description, modify. The original love Shanghai more attractive to the arrival of the spider, thus increasing included. Then the original pseudo original collected articles every day home display of not more than 20 article.

second, the website increases the amount of import links in a relatively short period of time. A lot of new or updated love Shanghai lost a lot of the chain webmaster will dramatically increase the chain site or Links. It will lead to such a situation, even fall in love with the sea will think you are cheating, especially a lot of the chain into the site’s home page.

In fact, this

finally, to make use of the long tail word. With the long tail word layout, this period of Shanghai love pages are friendly.

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more appear in new. These three main reasons:

in the world of the Internet Nothing is too strange. in website optimization, this sentence is very practical. It is not uncommon for experience, but for many of the first encountered such a problem would be difficult: website snapshot of stagnation in one day does not move. In such circumstances, many people feel the first is my station was K. However, in the search engine site web site has not been K, this let many people mistakenly believe that the chain is no less. And go crazy to do outside the chain, a few days down, the chain increased a lot, but the website snapshot or stay on that day.


first, the website must be within a short period of time increases the amount of content. General new sites in just build it is urgent for us to add some new content, so many webmaster every day increased the amount of content, but this is caused mainly due to stagnation of the website snapshot.

encountered problems in website optimization to learn this to analyze the cause of the problem where, as long as you find the reason can be an antidote against the disease. The website snapshot stagnation problem can be big or small, it is necessary to have a good grasp of the webmaster.

first, to thoroughly check your chain, in the short term do not add the chain or purchase the chain. This can let love Shanghai see our website is not cheating. A natural next spent 15 days, then the chain import, remember not to frequent, high quality, strong correlation.

third, in a short period of time to do the site changes. For example, change the site title, keyword, adjust the site structure can cause this kind of situation, even there will be a fall in love with dangerous sea K. This is especially true for a new station.

According to the analysis of the causes of

, we can carry out specific operations to solve the website snapshot stagnation problem.

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