Read Shanghai dragon and countermeasure analysis of Shanghai algorithm changes a sense of love

1, the original content can get good rankings? As everyone knows, good content is not equal to get good rankings, if the search engine will be set up this sentence, then the Shanghai dragon ring true chaos. Here, Wang Tong repeatedly stressed that the 2 station "pure original" to prove that the Baidu algorithm is wrong, too. I also have a blog, which is absolutely original, but the results are often found complete title was reproduced in the front row, not only is the content of the quality ranking.


2, the domain name has been plucked, before I estimate search "tongwang贵族宝贝" in the first place, there are people who support?! this is definitely not in the first, K stood in the first place the blame the caiqi.

read this "love Shanghai algorithm analysis and change of Shanghai Longfeng countermeasure", I think the subjective emotional factors included too much, read this article webmaster might guess the reason, 2 were the main battlefield of Wang Tong’s own hair fell in love with altitude. Here I have a few questions:



did not know that this article will cause many people Paizhuan, but no matter what the author is to tell some views on the article. As a grass-roots grass-roots, not Baidu gunmen, not making friends shouldn’t. Finally, www.zsw365贵族宝贝 wrote the original investment network, Baidu will give this article "love Shanghai algorithm change analysis and Countermeasures of Shanghai dragon" keyword ranking blog? Absolutely original, see

4, as Shanghai Longfeng celebrities, the author should also have the corresponding mind, open-minded, and rigorous. Patience, three months do not put out


6.28, 7.13, the last 30 days, Shanghai love what really angered many people in the Shanghai, relying on the love around "insiders" raging again and again, this is not, as celebrities Wang Tong couldn’t help a freak, "Wang Tong: the Shanghai dragon and countermeasure analysis of love the Shanghai algorithm changes at the webmaster aroused the crowd.

! ?

3, the company paid each year to love Shanghai’s bidding cost reached 10 million, the same as the move, the main vote for the top-level domain of a two level domain optimization has also been punished, keyword ranking disappeared, has not yet recovered. According to Wang Tong’s argument on both closed, I think the annual auction is not a small investment of millions of customers. We look forward to Wang Tong’s public, let Baidu the "grey areas" real exposure to


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