Love Shanghai search engine optimization guide why there is no keyword description

love Shanghai search engine optimization guide about the description of the 2 keywords, not forget to add love Shanghai, but if you really pay attention to the user experience, it should not be glued to the keywords ranking, but to focus more on the surface to enhance the user experience. Love Shanghai has the ability to extract the best keywords from your website content in.

ZAC forgot to set the keywords it, actually love Shanghai for keyword optimization has been doing some changes, such as the small Shanghai dragon mentioned "blog" Taobao search keywords ", why" like the original wheat bags? Robin in Shanghai Taobao search teacher love wheat bags made in Shanghai strictly speaking, the deployment of a large number of dragon, which is a famous site of cheating by drainage.

in Shanghai search engine optimization guide V2.0 in detail some basic knowledge, but there is no mention of the " keyword; " webmaster should do, in the small Shanghai Longfeng it seems that this is a normal thing, love Shanghai provided it is not normal.

why?Shanghai dragon tree keyword description?

today in Shanghai dragon tree in Shanghai love to know about the Shanghai dragon found a very interesting question, that is the love in Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 why there is no

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now small Shanghai Longfeng on this issue to talk about his own views.

love Shanghai COM domain name was banned Webmaster Tools query, we can look at the love of Shanghai domain name, what keywords are not set. When we query many well-known Shanghai dragon blog will have this kind of situation, such as the tip of the day: teacher ZAC

Shanghai dragon friends all know love Shanghai search engine optimization guide can be said to be the best sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon tutorial, the things inside although not what features are some of the most basic knowledge, but the most basic is the most important.

Because Summary:



blog, the 贵族宝贝 address of Shanghai dragon tuijian贵族宝贝/baiduyouhuazhinan1.html please keep the link

said: This is the love of a Shanghai official in Shanghai Longfeng documentation, Shanghai love in this document has been a little stressed that starting from the user experience, while optimization". And the website keywords, it is very small to enhance the user experience, because the keywords love Shanghai is fully capable of automatically extracting optimal according to the content of your website, so in this case any artificial set of keywords behavior are likely to be judged as cheating love Shanghai.

! This article from the Shanghai dragon tree

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