The 10 Shanghai white dragon skills only God can

we have been talking about the white hat Shanghai dragon, then white hat Shanghai dragon skills will be your today? Take you to see the 10 white hat Shanghai dragon skills, said that only God can, with a look.


3. navigation list users most want to see the topic, with sweeping robot as an example, users most want to know is: which brand is good, the evaluation and ranking, then we can layout in the navigation: brand recommendation, robot and robot ranking evaluation. Users see these he most want to know about the topic, can click to view the user to stay, even no ranking

4. content to do better than others. Others only text, I use text and pictures, others have words and pictures, I’ll put on the video, which can meet the needs of users at a glance. Anyway, your content production cost is higher than the others, you can get a better ranking.

7. station page vote: actually vote for best results for users to vote, but users vote not too good to control, so in the station to the page independent voting is a better way, within the chain and we often say, the keywords ranking is very helpful. But not any voting principle is related to each page to vote, it is best not to realize this function with the program.

5. station: users may see an article, do not feel satisfied, not solve his problem, then the relevant content is recommended in the page, just have the title of an article is his need, he will click on view, will keep the user.



6. is suitable for some of the contents of the topic to do, we must do with topics such as a popular event, users will be very concerned about the development of the next, then you specially set up a special day, this popular event tracking, display the topic to the site in the ranking will be very easy. The e rent treasure event, net lending is to use special pages to do, and vibrant campus events (bare loan loan), but also with the special page to do, you can go to look at the net lending.


1. title is not longer, too long has become cumbersome, display is not complete, sometimes short title more search engine friendly, the most important thing is in line with the user’s appetite, like in the title, just a brand, but enough to attract your attention.

2. description must have the attraction to attract users to click, click more, naturally more traffic, more traffic, ranking will be good, the red box is like this. But the premise is to jump out rate is low enough.

The relevant recommendation

8. station fine-tuning: sometimes an contents did not get good rankings, we only need a simple adjustment, such as adjust the layout, to make it more beautiful, or add some pictures, users read more comfortable.

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