The following 100P sites can also make money

many people should have encountered such a situation, website that small amount of 100IP is less than a day, following the 100IP website can make money? How to make money? The answer is affirmative, can make the actual situation, but how much to see their own.

remember that Chen Anzhi had a video lecture: the election of the industry to make a lot of money, IP and more, not necessarily be able to earn a lot of money, but IP less, also not necessarily can not earn money, the key is how you do the project, the project to do, then the money will earn more. Today, I would like to take some practical examples to explain, I think this may be more convincing.

I personally love selling things, one day suddenly heard Chen Anzhi lecture, Chen Anzhi success is currently Asia’s authority, so I had collected his works, there is a boring day, chat with friends, the registered address:, this was a 1 yuan, so the registration after you put there, and later because I have collected all the works of Chen Anzhi think, anyway, the domain name is empty, then put Chen Anzhi into 51 contents on this website, had no idea what, want to use this website only, after the weight of the high, what sites are easy some. Suddenly one day someone Q me, asked me if I had to sell the complete works of Chen Anzhi, so I put my hand on some customers to sell him, then suddenly sold 150 yuan, very excited, then I checked the Liuhe source of my website, found that the ranking is keywords about Chen Anzhi good in the search engine, every day there are about 100 people I found through search engine. So I just put it on the top set of the complete works sold, the result basically every day people to consult, some people want to learn, but there are also people who want to buy to sell, anyway, what to have, anyway, he can buy on the line. Because I have a copy of the product, so I do not sell too expensive, mainly for those who do not want to spend too much time to sort out the people. To get the hands can learn or direct sale.

above this case is a good example, although the money is not much, but a little more than a few hard to do every day to browse the tens of thousands, but only a few tens of billions of daily income strong site. Because I don’t put too much energy into it. Income is generally good. So, I now do a similar website this is a pearl necklace to sell the site, because we are located in Guangxi, Beihai, has a good advantage. Beihai is China’s Pearl scattered set, in addition to geographical advantages, the price is also good, so many foreigners to our Beihai wholesale pearl. I long ago made a pearl mall, the website is mainly to provide wholesale wholesale, there are a lot of people through the search to find me every day but the Pearl wholesale, pearl wholesale this thing, the profit is very thin, but the retail profit is still very impressive, so I’ll do a pearl necklace. In this online.

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