Application of canonical label in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization


"canonical" label can solve the problem of too many similar content, cause the page to overlap, with this tag you can make the search engine grab one you want the page to be made. The gift of tea set (贵族宝贝 feeds.



this code, so the search engine will only index the page, other pages will not participate in the ranking of words, we can see the love of Shanghai search engine also recognized this property.

"canonical" label was introduced by Google, to regulate the highly similar web page content, for example, we have several pages are about tea, tea when we optimize the relevant keywords, will not know which pages link to meet good, this is the time when we can take a page as the important page, add a "canonical" label, the page indexed search engine will. Although this label is launched by Google, but now in Shanghai search engine also taking action.

so in our Shanghai Longfeng chain construction should be paid attention to, whether it is personal signature or forum reply link, when the number of comments over time, we should give up, a lot of friends that should only grab the sofa or bench, to the back of the signature weight will be more and more small, in fact, behind is there is no effect, because when our chain in the second page, the post will not be included in the search engine. And if our forum signature on the first page, others comments can also be our new posts from the top, and with the rising weight of posts.

found that each page comments are added to

we found that only the first page indexed by the search engines, and second or third pages are not included, look at the code:


"canonical" label in the forum in comparison to the commonly used, because the forum comment pages more, when you defined, the search engine will be included in a page which, for the familiar A5 forum, can find a review of more than two pages, you will find only the first page is included the other is not included, such as post: "what is the difference between the original and pseudo original":

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