Some discussion on the choice Links note


don’t think too much at once, to add a dozen PR high site Links day, this is not love but harm you, you think the naive search engine this happy, every day to your site update, is actually a big mistake. The search engine is to visit your site, but the site itself is not suitable for so many high weight chain, but you just want to attract, this kind of practice is called Cleverness may overreach itself., finally you can get is sad, money, no effect, the site is down right.

three.PR high site to take chain than what is almost removed.

two. As general weight high website weight chain less.

The number of

high weight website, you may have to spend money to do Links today, wait a few days to see your site after the discovery, my friends of the chain? How to change without you, to explain, the site will give you a plus, wait a few days and give you deleted, this website to do the chain is not unnecessary, so I suggest that instead of looking for the site to do Links than to find some weight, but relatively good credit website Links, here introduces a method that can find the official A5, relatively good reputation.

website chain weight high than many 50, this website you also join in the fun to do friends chain, seems to be the site with high weight to pull up the relationship, in fact? No, because others weight high website chain too much than to find a general weight, friends chain suitable site links, so as to ensure that the chain has a certain effect, so I suggest to spend money now do friends chain owners can spend some worth the money.

a website related benefits more.

Some The correlation between


today are my website to establish several things, write it out, let more webmaster can have experience, we should remember that the most crucial point: the right than ever! The first A5, reproduced retain seven Links rainbow, http: / >

saw many webmaster in the A5 forum, QQ group and so on for friends of the chain, there are many on the Internet to sell Links webmaster, today I come to you in the right Links solution questions is more important than for PR, why do you say that? We can look at the inside of the A5 Links hot

web search engines let you feel is seriously in the website, not casually find the station, so the search engine will give you extra points on the website, the website search engine with a little accumulation up, even if you find the weight of high, attract the search engine spiders door, but the site is not relevant, the search engines don’t feel happy, but will have other ideas.

four. Links website to the right, how much volume only much.

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