How to improve the content of the difference in Shanghai Dragon

3, the mobile terminal

this time time is relatively hot: ifeng贵族宝贝 announced downsizing reform. Refer to: "the flow of influence on cash, no great contribution, no distinct difference characteristics of PC products, I can give up the decisive." Thus, differences in characteristics of content products is the site of the core competition ability. Key words is the difference and characteristics in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process must pay attention to high quality content, high quality content here mentioned, more emphasis is differentiated, rich content etc.. Then, in Shanghai Longfeng process, contents and strategies on how to do the difference and characteristics? It must be to consider problems from multi dimension factors, detailed analysis and discussion to.


2, since the media content

1, real-time content

real time content is now more popular things, the content of original ideas, to the formation of differentiated directly in the content, but also allows the reader to grasp the first time information, learn the dynamic, can quickly meet the reader users the insatiable curiosity. Of course, in order to let the readers to a day from here, you must keep track and update the real-time content, at the same time should be classified management, convenient for users to quickly. Of course, the instant tips of content: fast, rapid development of the Internet, the news quickly can be transparent, only one step ahead, stronger than others first.


stressed ifeng贵族宝贝 internal email: "the use of the Internet user habits, in the acceleration of the transition from PC to mobile Internet, this trend is very rapid." The user is gradually turning to the mobile Internet, mobile Internet content is thus: about key. While the mobile Internet strategy and PC have in common, there are differences. The common point is: PC and mobile end user interest point. The difference is: the PC and the mobile terminal access time difference, browsing differences. According to the difference, we need to focus on good mobile site planning, to promote the superior product experience, constantly testing and adjustment and optimization, to achieve the optimal effect.

is currently the Internet information through some big changes, the most important of which is: "to change the robot, algorithm and media driven content development model, will redefine the content production and dissemination process." The information flow sites simply have been unable to meet the needs of users, there is no doubt about wisdom, want to deduct, we must identify their product positioning, do vertical field sub categories, in combination with the majority of users number, using high quality content from the media, it’s not tell some fantastic tales. Since the media content has become a mainstream business of the 4 portals, want to have a space for one person, must do. For example: Tiger sniffing the network 36kr is from the media business enterprise.

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