The Shanghai dragon optimization for promotion more cost effective than three reasons


if you have done for promotion, believe that there is a nightmare that you hate – that is malicious click. For promotion because every click will spend a certain amount of money, a lot of time for this natural click cannot avoid, only is the loss of money and not to return. Sometimes is not the user clicks, but most malicious clicks are from competitors, such as natural click for the webmaster is really vulnerable. The Shanghai dragon for the optimization of the rankings do not worry because malicious clicks and loss of money, after all, Shanghai dragon optimization does not need financial support, relatively speaking, as long as the user clicks on their website not only loss can also make the search engine ranking on the site more care. You >

, a Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more economical than bidding

search engine rankings, as long as the search keywords competition will appear two ranking results, one is for the promotion, two is the natural ranking. And for promotion of the equivalent of buying Ranking Ranking, once stopped ranking is not the natural ranking can be relatively stable, don’t spend much time. Of course, there are also many for promotion can have advantages, such as can not spend a lot of money also can get good rankings, and the rankings are not affected because of financial relations. Personal webmaster, because of insufficient funds, the author thinks that the choice of Shanghai Longfeng optimization for promotion is more cost-effective than if you are rich, can choose bidding. So in the author’s eyes, the use of personal websites in Shanghai Longfeng optimization than the bid good where? Let’s talk about the eyes of Shanghai Longfeng optimal cost-effective.

two, Shanghai dragon optimization does not appear malicious click

why personal webmaster love of Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai Longfeng optimization can be not because no money to practice. Whether you are a boss or personal website enthusiasts can choose through Shanghai dragon to improve website ranking optimization. Of course in Shanghai Longfeng optimization and for promotion in contrast, promotion can quickly get high ranking, but need to have sufficient funds to support, just like you want to do this gynecological hospital keywords, using the method of optimization of Shanghai Longfeng to get good rankings need a relatively long time, and then used for promotion can an immediate effect, but the need for adequate funding to maintain, because once the bidding underfunded, natural ranking will immediately disappear. But for the webmaster, the high capital that is not every webmaster have, so people are hard to use for promotion to get good rankings. Of course also benefit Shanghai Longfeng optimization, funding, Shanghai Longfeng optimization can not spend a penny can also get good rankings, it only needs a certain time accumulation. So, personal webmaster, Shanghai Longfeng optimization for promotion than more money.

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