Website optimization introduction series two the choice of website domain name

four, registrar: large registrars. Is not to say that the large domain registrar is certainly good, but at least stability compared to some more reassuring. A domain name is the soul of the website, some domain name registrar may because the management or technical oversight, often resulting in DNS>

content: three, correlation. When we try to register domain names and their related web content words fusion to the domain name to go inside. I do not have to do more to explain, from the search engine optimization, the domain name with the keyword pinyin or English meaning is very useful! And the user can easily determine the service content of the site from the domain name during a visit to the site, more convenient for users to choose and memory.

, a short length. If we have to choose a domain name, then we try to choose some short domain name. Although there is no authoritative data show that search engines love short domain name, but from personal behavior to study, can easily judge the short domain name is more suitable for people to remember, easy to remember domain name we can save a large number of promotional costs. In addition, personally think that the short domain name can reflect the strength of the site. For example, two of the same content and design level of the website, the use of a short domain, a use of Yong long domain, ordinary Internet users will be more likely to believe that this short domain name website.

two,贵族宝贝 is the preferred suffix. I am not a domain name with prejudice, I only used to distinguish from the actual use of domain name suffix. I have engaged in the Internet industry has been more than 5 years, most of my suffixes are registered and used, but the domain name is贵族宝贝 the best effect. Do not have to explain more,贵族宝贝 is the highest frequency of use of the domain name, many Internet users accustomed to enter the domain name and end with贵族宝贝. Have a friend with a website I said if you use other suffixes for promotion, every day may lose 20% of the traffic, and the traffic was due to a mistake to enter the URL and transferred to the贵族宝贝 domain name to. In addition, authoritative data show that some obscure suffixes will be search engine included refused, and there have been news broke out of the suffix domain name registrar to withdraw from the market.

most of the personal webmaster and I like to do after the website is good rankings need to optimize the site and access to the search engine, and achieve their own through the website to gain profit. So, we in the website before whether there is a shortcut? Whether can achieve a multiplier effect by some segments of the grasp? Yes, the answer is yes! The choice of an appropriate domain name is a very important means of website optimization. So when we choose the domain name to pay attention to what the details? Before I wrote a "web site optimization starter series one: the construction site do not blindly" simply expounds some about web technology and server selection problem, today I is a brief introduction about the domain of


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