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website, Shanghai dragon is the key, it is important in practice, so I have to do many things, but also a lot of skills, do everything to find the right skills, can achieve a multiplier effect, but if blindly, will waste a lot of valuable time, learn the experience of others, while others good is not necessarily suitable for you, but always try to know either. I never mean to share skills and others, only hope the following say do not do good, may not necessarily be the truth.

: clear navigation, website and classification and keyword classification, page 2 classification remained around the keywords, the overall page control in about 5.

7, daily update site article and picture information and other content, and the content and keywords are closely related.

6, with links to external sites, the best is the external connection key is not more than 3, in the choice of keywords, accurate correlation.

9, should be good at discovering the changing search engine, dynamic website need regular attention.

5, website internal links: keyword links bold or add color.

website promotion techniques share

Keywords 4, site classification navigation


2, do website description of the title, is the best target keyword Title description contains the theme of the site.

Shanghai dragon

1, choose a good domain name of the website domain name, including keyword pinyin or abbreviated or English.

station Shanghai dragon skills share

8, the use of free resources, web site promotion, many methods, post, blog, text, press, use of all can use free marketing resources, is to add site keywords link,

3, with the original picture, I shot the picture, when dealing with the keyword link, Title tag.

1, improve the work efficiency of the Shanghai Dragon: the chain of multiple windows simultaneously. The chain is the chain of time, is a very large workload, to do so, to spend a lot of time on it every day, so we work are summarized a set of their own to improve the efficiency of the routine. I have to do is to promote the mold, the chain every day to do blog and forum. First, find a good or a few original mold industry articles or the Internet hot news. The article by Dr fast publishing and add their own mold of words or links in there, and then fixed to the blog forum all to open the window, this link in the choice of the browser is also very important, usually with the browser is the window of the world, all open, copy an article each site paste it again, and then send to second. You can save a lot of time.


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