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The first is the basis of

recently love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 4.25 or the low quality of the chain cheating algorithm, these developments will undoubtedly make Shanghai love we optimize work like web content in one disaster after another, such as advocating quality, but how to operate the site outside the chain said in the quality problems, but in practice, many of my friends have become not, as everyone knows the high quality of the chain is very important, I own the best way to the construction of the chain is A5 soft article submissions are interested can look at the space of all share is their real experience and contribute to their experience, the author today Submission on the platform of A5 writing experience and the webmaster brothers talk about the website of Shanghai dragon optimization of A5 soft Wen contribute some ideas to combat aspects of perception, first we see the illustration map with the truth.

, real feelings truly share their experiences sentiment. I think this is the most important and the most basic, I own every time in the process of the idea of an article, first I will ask myself this topic I write can attract me, I will look after the harvest, I love thinking very much, want to move others to convince yourself first. Two disciple Su Guiguzi and Zhang Yi in the back before the teacher said there are about to ask to charge and explain things? Mr. GUI said thoughtfully, what way take whatever you can say, I burst into tears before completion, down a career, and eventually the two disciples with what I have learned and gab will the teacher moved to tears, then the results we have seen them in the Warring States in the dispute how to use gezonglianheng strategy will leud handclap, can See anything real feelings is how important. The above is a good episode, I want to express is anything, don’t complain, don’t complain. It was a long time ago I and you were part of the same writing also has been included A5 administrators refused. The reason is almost all the readability is not strong, continue to work hard and so on, but I just want to use this platform to kill me or to contribute my N back for this purpose. So everything is a difficult start, no one to write two times, two times not to write three times, my purpose is to provide value to the user, as long as you really provide valuable things I think the administrator won’t embarrass any webmaster that is beyond doubt, the next thing to do is to continue to improve their writing and thinking, believe you will be well written. Once included in general is reproduced, a soft paper is placed on the front page of a more than 50 article reproduced the chain, generally have more than 20, you think you can do in a day outside the chain, blog, BBS signature? Those friends refuse useless. Let’s do Shanghai dragon to live up to the occupation, not when it comes to Shanghai dragon, by a lot of people think outside is water, rubbish, I often see this often with deep hatred and resentment. Who said these words to friends only two possible one is that you didn’t go next is a layman can understand Shanghai.

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