No Shanghai dragon really is the best Shanghai Longfeng it

through the above analysis, my opinion is: for a famous grassroots website to develop, to website ranking, is a must do Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon didn’t need to see so heavy, at least should not put it in the top three in the important position, if your site by sheer love Shanghai search engine and survive, then I can say your site not far away from the dead. I like this blog now I focused on 3 points: 1 to create a separate point of view; 2 and a lot of those engaged in grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan to exchange learning, and then passing to introduce my blog; 3 as much as possible to use social networking tools to share and spread some articles I have written on this blog, such as Sina, micro-blog, Sina, WeChat, QQ space blog etc.. Only when your website is an all-round development of the website, you can live longer.

started the website structure to do good enough to let the search engine spiders to crawl your site up to smoothly and orderly. The only way to make your site has a solid foundation in the future development, if you do lack of innate plus acquired not try, then your website ranking will be very difficult to do.

then there really is the best Shanghai, Shanghai dragon? I personally think that this argument is one-sided, is the need to have a lot of premise to let these words become a truth, I only share the following two premises for you:

if you are a regular attention webmaster information people you will find that recently there are a lot of articles or posts are in the "no Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon" about such a view, the reason is that some sites in the rankings can fall in love with the sea before the first 100 pages are not found but, suddenly came to love Shanghai home, and some owners also said the site is actually a day I write some articles, then what else didn’t do, but the website ranking is very high and very stable. So some people would say, that will also have a very good ranking site do Shanghai dragon, more exaggeration would say no Shanghai dragon is the supreme state of Shanghai dragon.

your rival Shanghai dragon do good even said Shanghai Longfeng misoperation or improper operation, so that you do not do the Shanghai dragon level website ranking will than those rankings to be high, but if your competitors do Shanghai dragon is very reasonable and correct you this not Shanghai Longfeng level the site is difficult to have the light of day.

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