Multi station analysis of recent love Shanghai is what kind of algorithm

or 8:40 to the company, after card, hang QQ, see the QQ Pop News, rob salt heat, a lot of places in the store of salt was sold out, catch the SARS period that Prynne roots and mask sales speed! Then again to view the website data analysis, website ranking changes, can let a person depressed is to see the rankings to the first page of the key words in the home, the company did not in the home page, or with yesterday’s rankings! Then another website ranking is to achieve the goal, a keyword ranking first, another ranked fourth. These data and the house is completely different, so I think of the site where the server is telecommunications room, single, my house is the line of the cable company is China Unicom, telecom, can not help but sigh: Telecommunications and Unicom how such a big gap!

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morning or as usual to see the site data, thought every weekly love Shanghai will update the database on Saturday, 2 days ahead of the results of this update, see the website ranking, more than 20 days of hard work, love in Shanghai this time update had appeared, holding three websites to promote among them, a web site keywords to love Shanghai home, the other two rankings can rise and fall, the website before his promotion also ranked back! I feel very good, has the question to the company of


before this, the website data in the telecom and China Unicom are similar, the difference is so great that the love of Shanghai, radish, web page open speed is greatly, slow ranking will be reduced, will quickly enhance

Radish !

summary, love Shanghai algorithm may be adjusted, criteria: open speed website, the effective form of chain. Original content is certainly immutable and frozen! The chain in construction suggestions soft, inquiry platform, encyclopedia, library, information platform, Links more efforts. Hope the turnip today share will bring you some help.

share, please.

has a lovely friends add my QQ today is from the A5 wrote an article with me, she gave me of the evaluation is: I see the professional A5 are quite strong is that you are dabaihua ah you too have the courage to take the top hair dead you! Oh, very interesting! In fact, A5 wrote to friends who is to share their experience for other users, another is to write your own website promotion of soft paper. As for the professional is not professional, I feel, as long as the essence of things, willing to share out, very good, for

chain, I was crazy to BBS signature promotion, link platform, web site, Adsense tools inquires and leave your site some time ago, the ranking basically did not change what, half of the real time ranking forced me to change strategy, the next method is: use the soft Wen promotion, love Shanghai encyclopedia promotion, inquiry platform promotion, information platform promotion, then the rankings have change

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